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Tied up with a bow

I finally can post a photo of the finished sweater. Mom was very excited to see it because she remembers this sweater from the late 1920s. The original was designed by Elsa Schiaparelli in 1927. I'll be teaching a class for the Armenian knitting technique used. I enjoyed knitting the sweater and would love to make another garment using the technique. Both yarns are carried over the whole garment, which makes a double thickness. Using sport weight yarn worked beautifully and it is lightweight. The color not in use is caught every third stitch. The color peeking through gives a tweed appearance and some texture to the otherwise flat color.
The cookies were fun to make as usual. Ben and the guys are in the basement playing Foosball. I've missed the noise down there!
I have to finish my straps to the mystery bag so I can get it felted before the end of the week. I'll take my knitting out on the porch and let the boys have the family room to play video games.
If you look closely on the right in the cookie photo, the sock cookies are Ben's. He has always worn the knee highs and is well-known throughout the district for wearing them. When the cubs came to camp last week (Ben was here) and the staff introduced themselves, Scott held up Ben's socks in Ben's absence. The new uniforms haven't included knee highs, although there is a rumor that they will return. Ben hit all the Scout shops in the area buying up the old ones.


Kathy said...

You're getting to be quite the cookie maven. They look great! Maybe a bakery/yarn shop is in your future.

I hope I get to see your sweater soon. Maybe we can get together again for coffee some day.

Deborah said...

Oh yes, we need coffee! The sweater's at the shop for a bit. I'm teaching a class in the Armenian knitting technique on the 18th.
Just let me know when you can grab a cuppa!

Margie said...

Hi Deborah, so glad the gift got to you and I am glad you will do something special with the yarn, it is Irish Aran, untreated, and with your love of Brigid and celtic techniques I knew it had your name on it. The cookies are great, especially the sock ones, and the bow tie sweater so vintage. Hugs, Margie.

Margie said...

Oh also I awarded you on my blog. Hugs Margie.

Joanne said...

Your sweater is gorgeous! Wonderful job. I wish I was there to take your class..... :) The cookies look great too, yum.

Sheila said...

Your Bowknot Sweater is wonderful. My daughter and I got to see an original at the exhibit in Philly. It's fun that your mother remembers the sweater from the 20's.