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10.07.09 Earlier in the week a friend and I went to St. Paul. I had to pick up a pattern I ordered for a shirt at an awesome fabric store called Treadle. It reminds me of a store in my home town that had a huge fabric section in the downstairs. All quality fabric--YES! We had a bite to eat at Salut, a nice restaurant a bit further down on Grand Avenue. Anyway, I'd seen this fabric on the last visit, and couldn't resist. I have a vest pattern from years ago and RRH would be the perfect lining. The fabric is made in Japan and they have some adorable designs. It's a cotton/linen blend and I have some natural linen for the outside. The print is small, which is nice and just perfect for this project (something fun). I'm doing the vest with view C. The front pieces can be flipped, as there are buttons at the shoulders and waist. Gee...another excuse to find great buttons!
I frogged the KAL purse and am almost finished to get to clue #4. I'm debating about the handles. I'm not crazy about felted handles, so I may even wait until next Wednesday for the last clue to see if it's going to add to the design. I prefer leather handles. So far it's been a fun knit and I like chatting with other knitters about it.
On Wednesday I met Jim at the Velodrome and took photos while he did a couple of time trials. I was on the field and it was fun and a challenge to lead with the camera to get a good shot. Mel (now a professional rider) was also there. She's amazing to watch! She's using one of my shots as a profile picture on her Facebook page. I don't know the rider in the close-up, but I got a really nice photo! The weather's been cool this week and Jim and I took an evening bike ride through a large park. It was really nice outside and there was no wind! Every once in a while I'd catch a whiff of some florals, which was nice. My favorite place to ride and hike is through the pines. I need to grab the little camera, but when I ride with Jim, it's go-go-go!
Ben comes home later today! We have some scout stuff to do this weekend. It was wonderful to have him back for a few days over the holiday. I'm sure I need to bake some cookies for him to take back tomorrow!
Look closely at the fabric--LRR has a sheep!


Margie said...

Hi Deborah, you were the runner up at the Sharing the love giveaway at Margie's Crafts and you too will get a gift.Can you mail me your address at margiewouters@gmail.com Congratulations. Hugs Margie.

Joanne said...

Great fabric. It will look good on the vest! I am ripping out my bag now...... I am going to redo the bind off at the top.

Deborah said...

I'm excited about my gift from Margie!!

Joanne, I've frogged mine a couple of times and am just going with it. Paula and I are concerned about the height, but maybe it'll be okay if it's lightly felted.

Margie said...

Hi Deborah, Mr. Margie is very impressed with Jim's cycling at the Velodrome, Mr. Margie is an avid cyclist, sponsors a local club, is a committee member and was cycling in the Pyrenees after the wedding with the club. He has never cycled indoors and would love to try. Hugs, Margie.

Deborah said...

The local velodrome is outside at the National Sports Center nearby. It's fun to go and watch the racers on Thursdays. I'm just getting the hang of clips--I can't imagine riding fast enough to keep me upright on that track.