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Autumn knitting

The weather is perfect for Autumn knitting. First of all, the leaves are changing and there's a distinct feeling in the air when I'm out and about. It probably helps that the big box craft stores have had all their Halloween decorations up since August! Anyway, I couldn't resist the felted pumpkins. Marie Mayhew was at the shop a couple of weeks ago and I used birthday money to get some patterns and yarn. Herr Kurbis is happy. He visited my class yesterday and will probably be a regular visitor. I felted my Einstein coat for the third and last time. It finally fits! It was just too much coat for my frame (even though I made a small). It'll be very warm and has a nice fuzz to it. I stuck the Manos vest in with the coat to felt it, also. It was way too big and felted down to my size. I didn't unbutton it (oops), and had to cut off the buttons, smooth, and pin the front edges--it blocked perfectly! I got new buttons and I think they're just the right touch for the vest. My birthday present from the shop was a gift certificate and new pattern book. I'm making the vest (#4). The NORO Collection Book 3, by Jenny Watson has really nice, clean-lined, classic patterns. Another book came in yesterday by the same designer--Book 1, Catwalk--AND a sample sweater (size M) for the shop--design 15 from Book 3. It is SOOO cute! Carol let me open it and I promptly tried it on. I'll have to reconfigure my queue! I'm almost done with the back of St. Brigid. I keep measuring and it seems to be the correct size. Kathy and I compared our projects. It's amazing how different the same pattern looks with different yarn. I'll be happy to be finished with the back and I think the front will go much faster. I want to finish this one so I can wear it!!!


Photo session with the cwazy wabbits

I decided to photogr
aph more of my projects for Ravelry. I did the little bowler and the carrot hat. Skippy invited all his buddies to be in the photo with their carrots, too. Yes, the cwazy wabbits multiplied! They were very happy to each have a carrot to hold.
Now I have to go back and take another photo of the magazine with Humpty Dumpty.
Also, I re-felted the Einstein coat and stuck the Manos vest in with it. Wow, it didn't take much to felt the vest! I had to cut the buttons off, as the holes were too small. It looks as though it'll fit much better. I think this will be the final felting for the coat. I was able to stretch the sleeves and the length is better. It surely was fuzzy!


Rainy day

Last Friday was my birthday. Jim spoiled me a few years back with cake from a particular bakery and now I have to have one every year. Even though I could have had enough candles on the top to create enough light to be visible from outer space, I kept it simple so I wouldn't ruin the lovely decorations! Jim got me a very cool toy--a Pulse Smart Pen. I can draw piano keys on the special paper and play! It's fun to work with and I have lots to learn.
Brigid is going
well, although I'm still not done with the back. Kathy and I had a KAL on my birthday. She got me some chocolate and made cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing and huge cups of coffee. It was a good day. I had to frog back a few rows. It wasn't the cables--that's the easy part! Those doggone edge panels in the easy knit/purl pattern! What a pain. I fixed it a couple of times, but mucked it up nicely and said the heck with it and frogged. Now it's fine and I'm making progress again. Marie Mayhew was at the shop on Saturday. I got three patterns and some yarn (yes, more yarn) for some pumpkins, gnomes, and birds. Fun, fast projects. Herr Kurbis will be pleased to have more company.
This weekend is the Fall Festival at the shop. I'll be demonstrating spinning. I hope the weather is nice. It's rainy today. A good knitting day.



It was a lovely day today. I had a bit of knitting time before I went to an appointment, so I took out my knitting, a cup of tea, the Rainbow Maker glasses and the camera. I got the glasses for Ben when we lived in Arizona (gotta do something with all that sun!) They make the world look like a happy place! (Cue the unicorns and princesses.) Is it me, or is the ragweed really bad this year? The breeze was cool and the sun was warm. Very nice. Eevee found a spot in the shade to rest. I can't believe I'm over halfway done with the back! Looking at the original photo in the book over and over I'm beginning to see why AS put the fringe around the bottom. It looks good on the gold sweater, but I don't care as much for the purple version. Sorry purple-lovers, but the gold is more flattering on the model.


Twists and turns

St. Brigid http://saints.sqpn.com/saintb03.htm
I'm making progress on the sweater. The cables stand out nicely even with the color of the yarn. Of course, I love the flecks of color. They enhance the base color and give the surface interest. My fingers are a little sore, so I'm not knitting as fast as I'd like. I had my classes today. By the time I left it was in the mid-50s and rainy. Good afternoon for knitting at home. It would be nice to get halfway done with the back. The only problem with a great day like this is the light. Not too good. I may have to invest in something a bit better like the one attached to my art table.
Yesterday I tackled Ben's room. It really wasn't bad, just a lot of clothing everywhere. Jim's working on the basement in his area. When we get stuff together I'll make a Goodwill run.
15.09.08 I'm
on a roll! No major mistakes for quite a while. The rows seem to be going faster, now. I think this is becoming a favorite. The cables are so gorgeous and my yarn is a pleasure to work. I'm still deciding about the bottom. It'll need something. Not crazy about fringe and I don't like the ribbing I've seen on Ravelry. It's like choosing buttons--I wait until I finish the project. Kathy and I are getting together for a KAL on Friday. I hope to have much more done by then!


Cable love

I'm past a big hurdle--the first cable section. I had a little problem with the center the other day and had to frog a few rows because I couldn't fix it the way I usually do, so now I'm on track again. I have a counter clipped in my notebook with the charts to keep track of my total rows and the one on my circular keeps track of the chart rows. It sounds putzy, but it works for me. I did a little number page for quick reference so I can keep track easily of which row I'm on for specific charts. There are five charts--a four-row, an eight row, and three 24-row charts. The three large charts have all the action going--lots of switchbacks! They are so gorgeous, as you can see by the photo. The DK weight yarn is nice. I forgot how much I like fine yarns. Working with it plays to my love of details.


Happy dance for cables!

I've made it through the first section of cables for St. Brigid and it's been fun. I love this pattern so far. It's just challenging and easy enough for an enjoyable knitting experience. I love the yarn--it's light and easy to use, no breaks thus far, and the color is wonderful. The color flecks create subtle visual interest. I may have to order the Herring colorway for something. I can only imagine what that must look like knitted up.
I took the book (Aran Knitting) back to the library yesterday (
boo). I wrote to Interweave Press asking why the book isn't in print any more and if Alice Starmore has plans to release a "best of" book. I received a response very quickly and it was nix to both. I think that's sad. Her designs are so classic and just beautiful. The new generation of knitters would learn much from her knowledge of knitting history and well-designed garments. When I worked at Woolenworks in Texas they carried all her books. At the time, a $40 knitting book was too much for my budget. Now the darned books goes for over $240--used! Crikey! That's ridiculous! I comforted myself by going to Half Price Books and found a stitch dictionary for $6.98. It's quite a nice little book with lots of info and 300 stitch patterns. Lots of bang for the buck. The bookmark is for Ben's next goody box.


Ready, steady, GO!

I'm off to a roaring start on St. Brigid--all the way through row 8! So far, no problems. I love the yarn, it's a joy to knit with. The charts are easy to read and I haven't had any problems keeping track of the sections. Naturally, I had to go down a couple of needle sizes, but with A. Starmore's patterns that's to be expected. I think the fabric looks good. I'm sure Kathy's far along by now. I worked on spinning and socks over the weekend. I can't focus on a cable sweater in a large group setting!


Busy weekend

03.09.08 I got a call from my son this morning. Everything is going well. He's got his first classes this morning and will be done before 2. It was good to hear his voice. I already have stuff for another goody box ready. The only way I can describe how I feel is that I've been temporarily laid off from a really good job after 18 years. Now it's time to get down to getting the house back in order, which translates to working on the basement and Ben's room.
I have two rows done on St. Brigid. It seems silly to take a photo at this point. Row three begins the cables, which I need to sit for awhile and work on that. Today's cool and gorgeous, so I'll wait till the shade hits the deck and sit outside this afternoon.
07.09.08 It's Sunday and the last day of the knitting retreat. It was fun and the weather was just beautiful! We sat outside most of the day and the house sits by the 18th hole of a golf course. We enjoyed watching the groups of golfers. They were pretty surprised to see all those women knitting and watching them golf that last hole! I spun the roving Joanne sent me last year. It's just lovely and everyone went ga-ga over the colors. They wanted to know what I was going to knit, but I had to wait and see the yardage. Turns out I have 204 yards. Not bad. On Saturday afternoon a few of us went into town and visited the LYS. The gal is a spinner, too and is very nice. She remembers us and let us have some seeds from her hollyhocks. Her garden is nice and I took some photos. The shop is a cabin and I think she lives there. It's a neat place to visit. I found a pattern for a Fair Isle bolero. I'll be able to use some scraps for the color work. I had to get home in time for class and now I'm beginning to fade. Time to put on my jammies and have some cocoa.


The long drive

We've passed another milestone as parents--we took Ben to college over the weekend. There was a very nice ceremony welcoming in the Freshman class. The professors filed into the chapel in their caps and gowns. The parents and family members sat in the upper balconies with the students down below. It was quite a nice way to give importance to the special day for the kids. After that, we all went outside where we had a picnic lunch. It was lovely! The boys settled in and got their room together while we all sat back and watched. We had to say goodbye around 2:15 because the boys had to go to an event. It was quick and then it was over.
I knitted Ben a pair of socks and timed them--5 hours exactly for a pair, so that'll be a great project for the drives to the college. The Kori is blocked and is very interesting. I think it has to be worn with a neutral color. It's definitely a piece to stand on it's own! Now it's September and time to cast on for St. Brigid.