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Autumn knitting

The weather is perfect for Autumn knitting. First of all, the leaves are changing and there's a distinct feeling in the air when I'm out and about. It probably helps that the big box craft stores have had all their Halloween decorations up since August! Anyway, I couldn't resist the felted pumpkins. Marie Mayhew was at the shop a couple of weeks ago and I used birthday money to get some patterns and yarn. Herr Kurbis is happy. He visited my class yesterday and will probably be a regular visitor. I felted my Einstein coat for the third and last time. It finally fits! It was just too much coat for my frame (even though I made a small). It'll be very warm and has a nice fuzz to it. I stuck the Manos vest in with the coat to felt it, also. It was way too big and felted down to my size. I didn't unbutton it (oops), and had to cut off the buttons, smooth, and pin the front edges--it blocked perfectly! I got new buttons and I think they're just the right touch for the vest. My birthday present from the shop was a gift certificate and new pattern book. I'm making the vest (#4). The NORO Collection Book 3, by Jenny Watson has really nice, clean-lined, classic patterns. Another book came in yesterday by the same designer--Book 1, Catwalk--AND a sample sweater (size M) for the shop--design 15 from Book 3. It is SOOO cute! Carol let me open it and I promptly tried it on. I'll have to reconfigure my queue! I'm almost done with the back of St. Brigid. I keep measuring and it seems to be the correct size. Kathy and I compared our projects. It's amazing how different the same pattern looks with different yarn. I'll be happy to be finished with the back and I think the front will go much faster. I want to finish this one so I can wear it!!!

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Kathy said...

You face way too much temptation at work!

I bought the same bird pattern up in Duluth a couple of weeks ago. I was thinking of making up a kit for the pattern for my Mom's birthday present. They're so cute.