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I'm making progress on the sweater. The cables stand out nicely even with the color of the yarn. Of course, I love the flecks of color. They enhance the base color and give the surface interest. My fingers are a little sore, so I'm not knitting as fast as I'd like. I had my classes today. By the time I left it was in the mid-50s and rainy. Good afternoon for knitting at home. It would be nice to get halfway done with the back. The only problem with a great day like this is the light. Not too good. I may have to invest in something a bit better like the one attached to my art table.
Yesterday I tackled Ben's room. It really wasn't bad, just a lot of clothing everywhere. Jim's working on the basement in his area. When we get stuff together I'll make a Goodwill run.
15.09.08 I'm
on a roll! No major mistakes for quite a while. The rows seem to be going faster, now. I think this is becoming a favorite. The cables are so gorgeous and my yarn is a pleasure to work. I'm still deciding about the bottom. It'll need something. Not crazy about fringe and I don't like the ribbing I've seen on Ravelry. It's like choosing buttons--I wait until I finish the project. Kathy and I are getting together for a KAL on Friday. I hope to have much more done by then!

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SYLVIE said...

I really like your St. Brigid! what a nice color it really shows off the cables.