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Cable love

I'm past a big hurdle--the first cable section. I had a little problem with the center the other day and had to frog a few rows because I couldn't fix it the way I usually do, so now I'm on track again. I have a counter clipped in my notebook with the charts to keep track of my total rows and the one on my circular keeps track of the chart rows. It sounds putzy, but it works for me. I did a little number page for quick reference so I can keep track easily of which row I'm on for specific charts. There are five charts--a four-row, an eight row, and three 24-row charts. The three large charts have all the action going--lots of switchbacks! They are so gorgeous, as you can see by the photo. The DK weight yarn is nice. I forgot how much I like fine yarns. Working with it plays to my love of details.

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