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It was a lovely day today. I had a bit of knitting time before I went to an appointment, so I took out my knitting, a cup of tea, the Rainbow Maker glasses and the camera. I got the glasses for Ben when we lived in Arizona (gotta do something with all that sun!) They make the world look like a happy place! (Cue the unicorns and princesses.) Is it me, or is the ragweed really bad this year? The breeze was cool and the sun was warm. Very nice. Eevee found a spot in the shade to rest. I can't believe I'm over halfway done with the back! Looking at the original photo in the book over and over I'm beginning to see why AS put the fringe around the bottom. It looks good on the gold sweater, but I don't care as much for the purple version. Sorry purple-lovers, but the gold is more flattering on the model.


Kathy said...

You do get into a rhythm after a few repeats, don't you? It looks great--and familiar--especially when it's all sparkly. Don't forget, I was knitting on Vicodin for a few days!

Deborah said...

Talk about sparkly-glowy!

Joanne said...

I love the yarn with the glasses, great photo!
Your sweater is looking gorgeous.
Would it look good with a garter bottom and an i-cord bind off??