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Photo session with the cwazy wabbits

I decided to photogr
aph more of my projects for Ravelry. I did the little bowler and the carrot hat. Skippy invited all his buddies to be in the photo with their carrots, too. Yes, the cwazy wabbits multiplied! They were very happy to each have a carrot to hold.
Now I have to go back and take another photo of the magazine with Humpty Dumpty.
Also, I re-felted the Einstein coat and stuck the Manos vest in with it. Wow, it didn't take much to felt the vest! I had to cut the buttons off, as the holes were too small. It looks as though it'll fit much better. I think this will be the final felting for the coat. I was able to stretch the sleeves and the length is better. It surely was fuzzy!


Kathy said...

Very cute! So, do you think I need a Einstein coat? That looks like a lot of pretty boring knitting, and I'm afraid I might not like it when I'm done. They always look so cute. I'm tempted. Bring yours the next time we get together so that I can check it out.

Joanne said...

Wow! I bet the Einstein coat will be really warm felted! I am afraid to do mine, I used 2 different yarns in it, which may felt differently. That would be a mess.

Deborah said...

It's going to be nice and warm and finally fits me properly! I felted it three different times. Each time about 10 minutes on warm, not hot. I didn't put it in a bag, either. One of my students put hers in a bag and it felted unevenly. OOPS!