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The long drive

We've passed another milestone as parents--we took Ben to college over the weekend. There was a very nice ceremony welcoming in the Freshman class. The professors filed into the chapel in their caps and gowns. The parents and family members sat in the upper balconies with the students down below. It was quite a nice way to give importance to the special day for the kids. After that, we all went outside where we had a picnic lunch. It was lovely! The boys settled in and got their room together while we all sat back and watched. We had to say goodbye around 2:15 because the boys had to go to an event. It was quick and then it was over.
I knitted Ben a pair of socks and timed them--5 hours exactly for a pair, so that'll be a great project for the drives to the college. The Kori is blocked and is very interesting. I think it has to be worn with a neutral color. It's definitely a piece to stand on it's own! Now it's September and time to cast on for St. Brigid.


Kathy said...

Your vest is so pretty. The individual squares are much larger than I thought they were. From the earlier pictures, I thought that they were only 2-3" wide. You did a great job.

Do you miss your boy? I know I do. I'm so proud of them both for growing up into such great guys. We dun good.

Deborah said...

Yes, we did! The squares are around 4" big. It's quite a strong statement, isn't it?