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Beginnings and endings

I can finally say I'm towards the end of the Kori vest. It's now blocking and most of the ends on the back are woven in. I left some on the sides for sewing. It seemed a good idea to block this one before sewing and adding the bands. The construction is simple and might be interesting to try out with solid yarn. (Not in squares!) The sunlight was streaming in through the curtains and made pretty shadows on the knitting.
Things here are just about packed, a pair of socks are almost ready for A. Ben can give them to her tomorrow. All quiet on the fro
nt. After I finish the second sock, I have to swatch the St. Brigid. Kathy and I are meeting tomorrow and I want to be ready with my swatch so we can cast on in September! Time for something cold to drink I'm fading fast.


Kathy said...

This looks gorgeous. I know myself better than to do a project with this many pieces to sew together, but when I see it like this, I could almost be tempted. I can't wait to see it.

Coffee was fun today. Now we need to plan some field trips. Or maybe a St. Brigid knitting day?

Deborah said...

That sounds like the plan to me. I finished the bands on the vest and will do another blocking. It needs to be worn with something very plain!