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My Kori vest vault squares are helping me pin the Lopi cardigan WIP! I thought I'd have it done last night, but it didn't go as planned...just like the French in the men's 4 x 100 relay. That cardigan's goin' down today--au revoir! (Insert primal scream here.)
The other projects will probably be tackled during the track and field events.


Kathy said...

You must be so excited to be finishing your Lopi cardigan! I just love that sweater.

I must confess to little Olympic viewing, but the knitting part is going well. Not as ambitious as you are though.

Deborah said...

It's getting there. I worked on squares to take a break during gymnastics last night.

Joanne said...

Great Job! I haven't gotten to watch a whole lot either, but I did get to see the news show the win against the French, over and over.... Yesterday I watched some water polo, that was cool. Don't think I could do that. I stick to knitting and crochet on Ravelympics. :) I finished my Shawl Relay and am working away on my Bag and Tote Backstroke.

Deborah said...

We enjoyed watching the French get beat only because they trash-talked the Americans before and one of the French swimmers spat in the American's lane in warm-ups. That's low.