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Finishing projects

Now the Ravelympics are a mere memory and I'm finishing the rest of my projects. I was pleased to finish a sweater and the socks and most of a vest--that doesn't include the vest I finished before the competition. The Kori squares are almost sewn together and I did one shoulder. Now I can picture the finished vest, but it'll take major blocking to help the knitting drape nicely. It will be an unusual piece--I hope I like it. I think I will. I'm making A a pair of socks in her school colors. I'll make B's on the trip. It's a six-hour drive, so I could probably get at least a pair finished!
Our son's almost ready for school. I stay out of the room. I just do the laundry and hope for the best! His buddy left today because he had to be trained for his campus job. It's a shame they couldn't hang out one more time, but all the kids are busy. It's been a fun summer for them with lots of excitement to come.
We went to the fair on Saturday. It was great to pig out and walk around on such a gorgeous day. I thought this ride was color
ful and kinda funny. She's got some major boobage going...

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