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Winding up the clock

Finally! The vest is together (three-needle bind off at the shoulders). I feel as though I'm coming through the tunnel into the light. Any problems I had with this pattern were of my own doing. In the end it's been fun to knit. Actually, I'm glad I had to knit the back over because I used a different skein. I noticed the photos I took recently showed a distinct line of fewer tweedy flecks, which I know would have driven me nuts. I'll save the skein for the bands. This will need some serious blocking, but I know it'll be gorgeous. I won't pick out buttons until it's blocked. I know what I want and the key will be to find them. It feels good to be on the last part of a project. Bands and blocking are the easy stuff!
I in
cluded my trusty cable needle--my support crew. It can take a well-deserved rest...until St. Brigid!

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Kathy said...

Hey! Great job! A lesser knitter might have walked away. You'll have something new to wear when the leaves start to change and there's a chill in the air. I'm anxious to see how it looks.

I swatched St. Brigid today. The Jamieson's is nice. I can't get perfect gauge, but I think it will be okay. Do you think you'll be ready to go in September?