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Sock Put socks

Finished my Sock Put socks for Ben's friend going into the Nat'l Guard. I had some camo yarn and a solid brown, so Baba's Bed Socks was the perfect choice. Love this pattern. I can knock out a pair in no time. Now I'm back to squares and have over 30 done--halfway there on the Vest Vault!


Kathy said...

Without perspective, these look so teeny tiny! Baby Babas? This is one of the best patterns ever. I haven't made a pair for a long time. I might have to add them to the list.

I think you deserve a gold medal for your knitting progres so far in this Ravelympics. Wait a minute. Are you doping? Are there knitting hormones in your felted knitting bag?

Deborah said...

I'm staying at my peak with chocolate, cookies with chocolate, and cocoa. Is that allowed?
The socks are big. I went up to a 6mm so they fit guys.