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Learning something new

The loom I purchased in July is now being warped for my first yardage of fabric, which will be about three yards of 26-inch wide twill fabric.  The warp is Harrisville Shetland in walnut, a lovely rich brown with notes of dark blue and green and the weft will be Harrisville Highland in tundra, a coordinating green.

Learning something new is quite a process, given that I am usually the instructor.  Kathryn is a wonderful mentor guiding me through the process of keeping notes, winding warp on the warping board, and now threading the heddles.  Weaving is not just about the finished product, but a process.  Winding the warp was so easy the second time and I was actually a bit sad when I was finished.  All the ties and the insurance (the last one before chaining the warp) now make sense.

Mary's husband, Rob, made a cone holder to use when we wind warp on the warping board.
 It works beautifully.

The warping board is mounted on the wall, making it easy to wind.  I took the photo with all the ties.  The insurance is the large one on the bottom.  

I love the Harrisville Shetland yarn!
The raddle holds the inch sections and the insurance keeps everything in place.
Threading the heddles--red, yellow, blue, and green...over, under, over, under...
The lease sticks keep the crisscrossed yarn organized.
We took a break and volunteered at the state fair at the Adventure Summit for Northern Star Council, BSA.  Jim was helping kids with the harnesses and helmets and I was "catching" them as they came down the fireman's pole at the end and unclipping the carabiners of the participants' tethers.  It's always fun to help out and we get free tickets.  We stopped at the Education Minnesota and had our photo taken for a calendar.  I think we look pretty good!

There is some knitting on the needles and it's a fun recipe for a pullover sweater.  I had the Rowan Fine Tweed and just needed a skein of Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn for the bodice, which is in progress in the photo below.  One of my one to one students wanted to knit one and I figured that it would be fun to work on something different.  So far, I really enjoy it!