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Cue the Elgar...

Yes, it is that time of year.  Ben graduated on Sunday, the 21st of May.  Jim and I drove to Kenosha on Thursday and started to pack some of his things.  All the seniors had to be out of their rooms after graduation.  It was tight, but we did it!

The weather was great while we were there.  Just the threat of a thunderstorm on Sunday.  Luckily the rain held off and we were able to get good photographs.
As a proud parent I will now take time to brag--Ben graduated Magna Cum Laude with all-college honors, and with departmental honors in Political Science.  The Baccalaureate service was really good.  The organist was a former student and amazing.  The college choir and gospel choir along with a small orchestra performed a piece of music written especially for President Campbell and Carthage.

I did a drawing of President Campbell with Ben and Eric in their red jackets (I'll tell the story in another post).  Jim and I stopped at Hobby Lobby, found a red mat, and a frame for it.  I did not have to mount it, as the framing department did the mounting and added a backing and hanger for a small fee.  Ben presented it to President Campbell at the senior dinner.  I received a lovely note from  President Campbell today.

I was able to do quite a bit of knitting while we were there because there was some down time until graduation.  Ben leaves for Philmont in New Mexico soon and will spend the summer as a second year Ranger.  He will be able to request Jim's crew, so it is a fitting way to come full-circle in Scouting.

Proud mom!
High five for Abe!
Many hours were spent here.
Ben at the Baccalaureate ceremony.
President and Mrs. Campbell with Ben.
It was nice to see the banner before it is even dedicated.
Squeezed in tightly.
Now on to the current knitting projects.  Picking up the Kauni yarns again, I finally got the hang of the Paintbox Scarf double knitting technique of reverse stockinette stitching.  Lucy Neatby, the designer has a good video on youtube.  The scarf is now progressing through its colors.

Ben was busy the day we came to Kenosha, so Jim and I drove around.  We stopped by (Jim stayed in the car) Fiddlehead Yarns.  It is always a treat to go into the small shop.  The atmosphere is very nice and the selection of yarn is wonderful.  Normally I pass by sock yarn unless color catches my eye.  There was some Opal sock yarn that caught my eye!  There were only four skeins, but the colors were beautiful.  Opal made a line based on some of Vincent Van Gogh's paintings.  I chose The Restaurant de la Sirene at Asnieres (#5437).
Painting by Vincent Van Gogh.
Colorway by Opal--The actual colors of
the yarn are exactly like the painting.
The photo does not reflect the warmth
of the colors.
New Box of Crayons (Paintbox Scarf)


Shepherd's Harvest and big honkin' needles

Last weekend my friend, Kathy (purplekathy on Ravelry), and I went to Shepherd's Harvest and came away with goodies.  It was fun to browse the booths and visit the sheep.  I found some lovely roving.  I have a giant bobbin full (8 oz) of tweedy yarn plied and ready to wash.  This is the yarn I want for the Bláithín cardigan.  I have to wait and see how much yardage I have when it is all spun and plied.  Fingers crossed! The other roving is from Jacob sheep, dark and light.  The dark wool was carded inside the light wool.  It will be interesting to see how much of the dark I want to show depending upon how I  spin it.
Of course, it is not Shepherd's Harvest without the sheep.  Lincoln Longwool to Baby Doll cuteness.  It is amazing to me how much variety there is with sheep and their woolly coats.  
After Kathy and I left the festival and ate lunch, it was time to check out Lila and Claudine's yarn shop.  It is a visual party!  Color, texture, and just plain fun to see.  I was a very good girl by leaving without any new yarn.  I am determined to slash the stash at home. 
...and now for some photos from the weekend...

Trying the electric spinner.  It was pretty cool, although I believe there are enough
electrical devices in the house and I do not want to be plugged in when I spin.
The little sheep on the right was snacking on the larger sheep.
Precious expressions.
Jacob sheep.  This was a particularly pretty one
she was laid back an looking good.
Mamas and lambs.  A perfect picture for Mother's Day weekend.
Curly top with a pretty white fleece.
Close up of a gray Lincoln.  The sheep was huge and this was a
nice fleece, light outside and darker inside.  
Baa baa black sheep I don't thin you have enough wool--yet!
Little sheep--I think these were adorable and just
right for cuddling.
Lila and Claudine's--big honkin' needles!
We just had to get photos with those needles!
...every nook
...and cranny
...had something
...interesting and fun to see!
Jacob roving
Walnut shell buttons.  This booth also had
beautifully crafted needles.
The roving I was on a mission to find.  The cookie was promptly
devoured after this photo was taken.
A giant bobbin full (8 oz) of yarn!  Now to wash, dry, and count yardage!