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Fab felting class, an FO, a great gift from across the pond, and an award!

It was quite a busy weekend! I'd not been to the shop for Friendship Friday for a few weeks and it was nice to see everybody and my lovely gifts from Margie arrived on Friday! I was so excited to receive a Cath Kidston bag along with three skeins of authentic Aran wool and a lovely card. IThank you, Margie! 'm using the bag already for my small WIP, a test knit for Joanne. Thanks for asking me to do this for you, Joanne. I'll post photos when I've made more progress.

The Mystery Bag is finished. Now off to be with Angel for the lining. I found some wonderful Kaffe Fassett fabric at Fat Quarter two doors down from the shop when I went to work yesterday. I think it's perfect!
Before class our group met at Starbucks and Dawn showed up with Sock Monkey from the shop. Kris is almost finished with the Alan Dart pirate (it's a gift for a co-worker), and we were quite the sight! I'm enjoying that time before class with friends--the fun just continues when we get to the shop for class. I think we all had frogging syndrome yesterday. Everyone seemed to have to frog back the knitting, but as usual, we managed to have lots of fun in spite of the snafus!
Margie awarded me a fun award that involves sharing seven facts about yourself and passing it on to seven others. I like how she did hers with photos and I need to charge up my camera and work on that...


Tied up with a bow

I finally can post a photo of the finished sweater. Mom was very excited to see it because she remembers this sweater from the late 1920s. The original was designed by Elsa Schiaparelli in 1927. I'll be teaching a class for the Armenian knitting technique used. I enjoyed knitting the sweater and would love to make another garment using the technique. Both yarns are carried over the whole garment, which makes a double thickness. Using sport weight yarn worked beautifully and it is lightweight. The color not in use is caught every third stitch. The color peeking through gives a tweed appearance and some texture to the otherwise flat color.
The cookies were fun to make as usual. Ben and the guys are in the basement playing Foosball. I've missed the noise down there!
I have to finish my straps to the mystery bag so I can get it felted before the end of the week. I'll take my knitting out on the porch and let the boys have the family room to play video games.
If you look closely on the right in the cookie photo, the sock cookies are Ben's. He has always worn the knee highs and is well-known throughout the district for wearing them. When the cubs came to camp last week (Ben was here) and the staff introduced themselves, Scott held up Ben's socks in Ben's absence. The new uniforms haven't included knee highs, although there is a rumor that they will return. Ben hit all the Scout shops in the area buying up the old ones.


10.07.09 Earlier in the week a friend and I went to St. Paul. I had to pick up a pattern I ordered for a shirt at an awesome fabric store called Treadle. It reminds me of a store in my home town that had a huge fabric section in the downstairs. All quality fabric--YES! We had a bite to eat at Salut, a nice restaurant a bit further down on Grand Avenue. Anyway, I'd seen this fabric on the last visit, and couldn't resist. I have a vest pattern from years ago and RRH would be the perfect lining. The fabric is made in Japan and they have some adorable designs. It's a cotton/linen blend and I have some natural linen for the outside. The print is small, which is nice and just perfect for this project (something fun). I'm doing the vest with view C. The front pieces can be flipped, as there are buttons at the shoulders and waist. Gee...another excuse to find great buttons!
I frogged the KAL purse and am almost finished to get to clue #4. I'm debating about the handles. I'm not crazy about felted handles, so I may even wait until next Wednesday for the last clue to see if it's going to add to the design. I prefer leather handles. So far it's been a fun knit and I like chatting with other knitters about it.
On Wednesday I met Jim at the Velodrome and took photos while he did a couple of time trials. I was on the field and it was fun and a challenge to lead with the camera to get a good shot. Mel (now a professional rider) was also there. She's amazing to watch! She's using one of my shots as a profile picture on her Facebook page. I don't know the rider in the close-up, but I got a really nice photo! The weather's been cool this week and Jim and I took an evening bike ride through a large park. It was really nice outside and there was no wind! Every once in a while I'd catch a whiff of some florals, which was nice. My favorite place to ride and hike is through the pines. I need to grab the little camera, but when I ride with Jim, it's go-go-go!
Ben comes home later today! We have some scout stuff to do this weekend. It was wonderful to have him back for a few days over the holiday. I'm sure I need to bake some cookies for him to take back tomorrow!
Look closely at the fabric--LRR has a sheep!


Fourth of July weekend

We had such a fun weekend! Ben was home for more than a day, the weather was pleasant, we had fireworks, and great food!
Ben and I rode sag for the group on Saturday morning. I got lots of good photos. They did a time trial for the prologue of the Tour de France. It's nice to see Lance back in the race. The team time trial was a sight to behold yesterday--poetry in motion. I must mention that on Sunday we went to the Titanic exhibit at the Science Museum in St. Paul. It was fascinating to see some of the items that survived the tragedy. The IMAX movie was also good--very quiet audience, too. We were fortunate to have an early time in the exhibit and had it to ourselves. We were able to really take our time with no background noise to break the mood.
I'm sewing together the Bowknot, and that's a bit putzy. It's difficult to see the selvage stitches. I wonder if the eye strain caused the blood vessel in my left eye to burst! I was feeling sooo attractive on Sunday and Monday with my chapped lips and icky-looking eye! I look much better today.
On the actual knitting front...The next clue for the bag is due today. I'm reorganizing my room--again! I dig through my knitting bags about once a month and gather up all the needles, markers, patterns, etc. and put them away. I like to believe I'm in control of the materials, not the other way around.
The flowers are from the bike route. We were waiting at the top of a hill and I thought they were so pretty.