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Happy Halloween!

When witches go riding,

and black cats are seen,

the moon laughs and whispers,

'tis near Halloween.

Author Unknown


Got needles?

We went to Parents' Weekend at Ben's college over the weekend. It was great fun to see Ben and meet some of his friends and their parents. The swim meet was awesome! On Saturday, the two top breaststrokers were out with sickness and a muscle pull sooo the two Freshmen stepped up to the plate for the 200 Breaststroke taking 1st and 2nd. Ben's first place was also a top 25 time! Yea!!! The team won the meet. On casino night, Ben won a case of M&M cookies and a case of Austin crackers and cookies. Jim won a case of microwave popcorn and a Sex and the City DVD. When he went up to claim his prize there were lots of hoots and hollers! It was a very fun weekend!
An hour into the trip, I noticed that I forgot my DPNs for the pumpkins and an extra ball of
yarn for St. Brigid! Augh! I solved the DPN challenge with some pencils we got at a Wal-Mart, later I got some at a Michael's. I found a LYS in town, which is nice. I looked around, but resisted the temptation to buy anything. I finished the large pumpkin and two small ones. I felted all three last night, but have to felt them down a bit more today. I'm about 10 rows away from shaping the neckline of St. Brigid. I'll be glad to start the sleeves! It was cold (we ran into snow on the way home) and it would have been nice to wear my sweater! It's nice to be able to wear sweaters, now. I love this time of year.


Burning up the needles!

St. Brigid's cable work

I'm making (fairly) quick work of St. Brigid's front. I'm on row 113 of 150+ rows until the neck shaping. Love this pattern. Simple shape, cables, great yarn, and happy fingers. Kathy finished hers and by the photos, it's really pretty. I have quite a bit of yarn left, so I'll have enough for an accessory or two. It's dreary (my favorite stay at home weather) and I wanted to take photos of St. B. The stitch definition is lovely and I can't wait to wear this one!!
On the pumpkin front, I'm on the last 10 rows for the body of the pumpkin--the rest of them will be smaller! The two outdoor photos are from yesterday. What a difference a day makes. It was hard to capture the yellow leaves raining down. Now, just the green ones are left to turn and fall. The red one is outside Mom's place. I brought her to the house and we burned a few leaves in the fire pit. She loved it and I got some good photos of her with Eevee. It was fun.


Colors of Autumn

I've been having fun with the new camera. I like having the flexibility of the SLR and I don't have to worry about film! I can edit as I go!
I'm preparing the pieces/parts for the drop spindles. The class is on November 22nd. Each student will assemble their spindle and with 4 oz. of dyed roving they'll be able to make a small project. I made a cap with 4 oz. when we moved here before I got my wheel back.
The leaves have been pretty this year. Here are some photos. I've been picking up leaves on my walks with Eevee and I think there are some lovely color combinations for future projects!


New toys!

It's dangerous to have lunch with hubby...I got a new camera yesterday. I love my (film) SLRs and have been an avid photographer for many years. I now own a digital SLR. I picked it up and--WOW!--it had a nice feel in my hot little hands. I'll take some classes to get by the techno-babble, but I'm finding it easy to use already! Anyway, he got me a GPS for my car. That's pretty cool, although I defied the voice and went my usual way to meet Jim. I'll use it today to find the park for my painting session with the gals from painting in the park. I took some photos of Herr Kurbis' buddy, Jack-Glow-Lantern. I made him a while ago, but he comes out every year. He was trying to scare the new wooly pumpkin-in-progress, but didn't succeed. The week has gone quickly and I'm ready for the weekend!


Fall Colors and Flat Feet

The leaves changed quickly the past few days. Eevee and I went walkies last week and I took some photos. Today the temps dropped very quickly and it's cold and rainy outside. I had a light outfit on this morning, but for help night I'll have to dress warmer! The shop got a Sock of the Month from Flat Feet. I was waiting and it was worth it! The bats were too cool to pass up and are just the colors I was hoping to get. I'll probably use the Ann Norling pattern, as I liked the way it fits my foot.
St. Brigid is coming along. I ha
d a good start on the front, and then noticed I'd turned a cable wrong on row 3--frog--now I'm back to row 20. Not too much time lost.
I just noticed the colors of my sock yarn pick up the colors in my fall photos--oooooooh. I don't know about the regular Army, but in this woman's army you can join with Flat Feet!

Flat Feet Sock of the Month



It's that time of year. I put the town out last week. Last night I decided to let Mr. Pumpkin preside over the little town. I think it looks good. Sock Monkey decided to try on his costume early.
I'm making progress on St. B. Herr Kurbis and Jack-O wanted to be in the photo, and as long as we have the Halloween theme going I thought it was just fine. I can finally start the front tonight after bell practice. This has been an easy sweater as far as the shape! My kind of project.
Yesterday I was just looking around and stopped in Christopher & Banks. The manager asked me if I wanted to model an outfit for the store on Saturday at 1pm. I went in today to try on the outfit she picked. I look pretty good! It should be fun and food is involved, too. That's always a plus! I get 40% off that day--not bad. It should be fun.


Everything's so greeeeen!

St. Croix River and Lindstrom's water tower
Gorgeous day for a drive! The leaves are changed a little and I got a few nice photos. When we got home, there was a box waiting for me from Joanne!!! The Texas Twisters t-shirt (the group still uses the design I did when I lived there!) and a lovely green shawl!!!! It's going to match my Einstein Coat, St. Brigid, and more! Joanne has a knack for designing lace--love, love, love! I'll let the photos speak for themselves...