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New toys!

It's dangerous to have lunch with hubby...I got a new camera yesterday. I love my (film) SLRs and have been an avid photographer for many years. I now own a digital SLR. I picked it up and--WOW!--it had a nice feel in my hot little hands. I'll take some classes to get by the techno-babble, but I'm finding it easy to use already! Anyway, he got me a GPS for my car. That's pretty cool, although I defied the voice and went my usual way to meet Jim. I'll use it today to find the park for my painting session with the gals from painting in the park. I took some photos of Herr Kurbis' buddy, Jack-Glow-Lantern. I made him a while ago, but he comes out every year. He was trying to scare the new wooly pumpkin-in-progress, but didn't succeed. The week has gone quickly and I'm ready for the weekend!

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