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Fall Colors and Flat Feet

The leaves changed quickly the past few days. Eevee and I went walkies last week and I took some photos. Today the temps dropped very quickly and it's cold and rainy outside. I had a light outfit on this morning, but for help night I'll have to dress warmer! The shop got a Sock of the Month from Flat Feet. I was waiting and it was worth it! The bats were too cool to pass up and are just the colors I was hoping to get. I'll probably use the Ann Norling pattern, as I liked the way it fits my foot.
St. Brigid is coming along. I ha
d a good start on the front, and then noticed I'd turned a cable wrong on row 3--frog--now I'm back to row 20. Not too much time lost.
I just noticed the colors of my sock yarn pick up the colors in my fall photos--oooooooh. I don't know about the regular Army, but in this woman's army you can join with Flat Feet!

Flat Feet Sock of the Month

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