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It's that time of year. I put the town out last week. Last night I decided to let Mr. Pumpkin preside over the little town. I think it looks good. Sock Monkey decided to try on his costume early.
I'm making progress on St. B. Herr Kurbis and Jack-O wanted to be in the photo, and as long as we have the Halloween theme going I thought it was just fine. I can finally start the front tonight after bell practice. This has been an easy sweater as far as the shape! My kind of project.
Yesterday I was just looking around and stopped in Christopher & Banks. The manager asked me if I wanted to model an outfit for the store on Saturday at 1pm. I went in today to try on the outfit she picked. I look pretty good! It should be fun and food is involved, too. That's always a plus! I get 40% off that day--not bad. It should be fun.

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