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Coming Atttractions!

I am catching up my calendar and adding in the classes and events through August.  Another wave of Groupons is out and I also have some classes on the calendar that should appeal to new and experienced knitters alike.

My computer is now at Ben's computer desk, Grandma's desk is upstairs, my drawing table is in my new space, and now it is time to divide and conquer the tubs!  Ben's stuff vs my stuff.  Going through things is time-consuming, but necessary.  I am doing it a bit backwards, as I did not paint the ceiling first.  The walls are in good shape and I can live with the small divots in the ceiling where the stars were stuck. Today I will work on transferring what's left in Ben's closet to the other room and my art supplies to the new space.  This should be interesting...

27.02.13  I am making good progress on the transfer.  Having the paper bin, a trash can, and bin for charity knitting yarn has been helpful.  My goodness!  I found needles, markers, my extra scissors, and the ever-elusive tape measure and extra scissors!  Jim will be happy to know the lidded ottoman is empty!  At least four tubs are empty, too!  Yea--progress is a good thing.

I received some good news yesterday...one of my hat patterns will be featured in the new edition of 60 Quick Knits from America's Yarn Shops.  I will be making two baby-sized samples and should receive the yarn within a week.  (Picture me doing the happy dance!)

My classes coming up at Amazing Threads:

Felted Wooly Eggs--Easy Plus
Sundays, March 3 & 10
12-2 pm
$28 plus supplies

It's Your Choice (pick your own project)--Easy Plus
Wednesdays, March 13, 20 & 27
6-8 pm
$36 plus supplies

Countess Mitts--Easy Plus
Wednesdays, April 10, 17 & 24
6-8 pm
$42 plus supplies

Gaugeless Hat--Easy Plus
Mondays, May 6, 13 & 20
3-5 pm
$42 plus supplies

First Möbius--Easy Plus
Mondays, May 6, 13 & 20
6-8 pm
$40 plus pattern download or book, A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting, by Cat Bordhi

Take It From The Top Vest  (Pick a vest from Ann Budd's book, The Knitter's Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters--Easy Plus
Wednesdays, May 8, 15, 22 & 29
6-8 pm
$40 plus book

Urchin--Easy Plus
Wednesdays, May 22 & 29
3-5 pm
$28 plus pattern download and supplies

Take It From The Top Sweater  (Pick a cardigan or pullover from Ann Budd's book, The Knitter's Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters--Easy Plus
Tuesdays, June 4, 11 & 18
4-6 pm
$42 plus book

Hats, Mittens, or Slippers? (Accessories from Knit One Knit All, Elizabeth Zimmerman's Garter Stitch Designs)--Easy Plus to Intermediate
Fridays, June 14, 21 & 28
1-3 pm
$42 plus book

Felted Needle Cozies--Easy Plus
Thursdays, May 16 & 23
4-6 pm
$40 plus pattern download or book, A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting, by Cat Bordhi 

You can register for class by calling 763.391.7700 
or online at www.amazing-threads.com.

My current project is a fun hat in tweed yarn from Skacel--the Tayberry  Hat.  HiKoo's Kenzie yarn is a luscious blend of New Zeland merino wool, nylon, angora, alpaca, and silk noils.  The two-color star stitch is fun to knit and has interesting texture.  Best of all, only one color is worked at a time--two rows of the main color and two rows of the contrast color.  It looks like hounds tooth check.  Love it!  I hope Bobbi gets some of the yarn, as it feels wonderful, soft, and light in my hands and it is tweed!

Happy knitting! X


Weaving in ends...

I wish!  No, I am just getting things finished--such as:  sample sweater, website, painting new office, UFOs and WIPs, Goodwill, Half-Price Books, and the list goes on...

Secret Garden Cardigan: If I with the body and sleeves done, the colorwork will be my reward.  I am leaving the steeks and bands to be finished by someone else.
Tangled:  The steeks have had plenty of time to heal and now it is the moment to pick up the stitches and knit the bands.

Kili(aaaahhhh!)manjaro:  Just finish already!  The knitting was easy, but the decreases over the offset lace pattern caused headaches (so to speak).  Very annoying.  

Future work:  rewrite patterns to  sell on Ravelry, pick up Eala Bhan and continue knitting, get going on the Master Handknitter Level II, and start my handspun Bláithín.  Between these projects I can work on samples for the shop and upcoming classes.  That is a full plate for the next few months, which must include my Scouting events.  

This week between classes I managed two trips to the MIA to see the Terracotta Warrior exhibit.  It was amazing!  Sadly, I couldn't take any photos or sketch, but I managed to take notes.  On the second visit I purchased the catalogue and it is chock full of information and lovely photos with details!  As always, I paid my respects to Hortense and wandered around looking closely at the tapestries and textiles.  My goal is to take time to visit at least once a month.  It's refreshing to wander around all the wonders of the museum.

After the wild and woolly weekend up in the north country, I am back to working on catching up.  I managed a quick and easy project with Malabrigo Rasta and size 35 knitting needles.  The herringbone stitch is fun and I love the way the stitch shows off the hand-dyed colors of the yarn.

One skein of Rasta + BIG needles + fun stitch = neck warmer!
...and don't forget the great buttons!
Another project finished is the cap pattern I submitted to Cascade Yarns for their new book 60 Patterns from America's Yarn Shops.  I used the Stitch and Pitch hat pattern I wrote for Comfort when I worked at AAY.  This time I made the hat in a child and adult size, improved the topper, and improved the pattern instructions.  I have my fingers and toes crossed that it will make the book.  That would be a HUGE boost for me!  


Okpik 2013

Okpik, Northern Tier is a national high adventure Scout camp outside Ely, Minnesota.  Here are some photo highlights of our trip:

Garrett, or Interpreter is going over the map
and activities available for the crew on Friday evening.
It is up to the youth to choose their activities.
Ben and Garrett staffed together at Stearns Cub
Scout summer camp and were part of the outpost.

A cup of cocoa/coffee helps me warm up for the day's activities.

Morning shadow.

Hiking with my gear on Flash Lake.

We were making our way to the campsite near the edge of the lake.  

Garrett and Mike drilling through two feet
of ice to get water.

Energy snacks!  Gorp, string cheese, Hudson Bay bread, Gatorade,
peanut butter,  jelly, and chocolate.

The kitchen is set up and ready to go for a hot lunch.

At 2 pm the dogsleds came by to give us a presentation and rides.

My musher, Kathy (also a Philmont Ranger), knows Ben!  
This was the little quinzee that Ann and I
were going to share...

The opening was pretty small...

Later in the evening, realizing the quinzee was not going
to work for two, I stayed outside and my spot was on the
left beside the downed tree.

One of the boys cross country skis as the sun
begins to set.

Now it is going to get even colder!
After the sunset, we had a good meal of rice and seasoned hamburger with corn.  It was spicy and a good stick-to-the-ribs meal along with some broth and hot cocoa.  We took a night hike to warm up before bed.  It was a lovely evening and the hike took us through the woods and across the lake.

As we got ready for bed, it was obvious that the quinzee was too small for Ann and I, so Garrett helped me prep a trench for my sleeping bag.  With the -20 degree bag and my -7 degree bag together, my water bottle filled with boiling water in an insulated bag at the bottom of my sleeping bag, a larger bottle for the next day by my back, and some snacks for late night energy (I always manage to have to make the "trip" at night), I was set.  It was so beautiful an quiet outside looking up at the starry sky around 1 am.  I woke up a bit later when the wind kicked up and I could feel light snow as I poked my head out of the bag.  I got up and made sure my gear was covered and that things would at least stay dry.  I quickly ate one of my snacks and hunkered back down to get warm and sleep.  After a fresh coating of snow and a quick clothing change. We had breakfast.  Sausage surely tasted good!  I even had a couple of warm Pop Tarts.
Sunday morning, Garrett tosses
the water...

...and it freezes in mid-air!

Back at the cabin, Garrett and I pose.
He is very tall!

Here is a map of the area.  Flash Lake is in the middle.
Here is how the temperatures stacked
up over the weekend.  We earned
our Zero Hero and also Duty to God! 

How cool to see the Stearns Outpost
Staff t-shirt!
We were back at Base Camp in plenty of time to turn in gear, change clothes, get a hot drink, and check out the Trading Post before lunch.  Lunch was good and hearty.  Chicken breasts with buns and toppings of choice including bacon!  I almost missed the fresh chocolate chip cookies, as they were on the top of the buffet!  Luckily the body burns calories to 
stay warm and I am certain all the calories I consumed will not end up on my hips!
The new dining hall/Trading Post.

The McKenzie Scout statue
reminds me of Ben.
I arrived home before Jim after the six-hour drive.  He is on the Winter Wood Badge staff got home after I had a nice hot shower.  It was a great weekend--a great crew and Interpreter, and the kids had fun with skiing, ice fishing, and dogsledding!