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What in TARNation, the unofficial start of summer!

28.05.11  Early this morning we took Ben to the airport and he is on his way to Philmont.  The flight to Denver is not long (2 hours).   He met three others at the airport from Minnesota and they all know each other.
02.06.11  Since Ben arrived at Philmont, he has been in training.  In fact, they started the evening the Rangers arrived at camp.  Right now he is on a trek that will take the (Ranger) crew over Mt. Phillips, which is one peak Ben had not scaled, yet.  He was happy about that and I hope he takes lots of photos!
I will be going to Texas to visit my brother soon and am anxious to see him.  He is doing well and getting stronger each day.
I love my Little Brown Jug
04.06.11  I finally unloaded the photos off my camera and did some editing, rested my hands, and have been drawing.  I took some photos of myself wearing Little Brown Jug.  It is a challenge, but I believe they are sufficient to show how the sweater looks on me.  
A great little cardigan to cover the shoulders
Walk club is going well and I enjoy that.  I am back practicing yoga, too.  Too much marathon knitting was making my left shoulder and hands sore.  I cannot afford to lose the use of my left side (I am left-handed).  It is surprising how much better it feels to take a break, although staying active and moving is how I roll!
Ben went through his clothes and had a large tub of (mostly) t-shirts.  Rather than just adding them to the charity bag, I decided to make tarn (t-shirt yarn).  There are lots of videos on the web.  Finding ways to recycle is always fun and making yarn is a bonus!  My Aunt Leona used to crochet plastic bags into items when I was a kid.  Tarn is very easy to make and knits up nicely.  I particularly like the colors!  I will probably have Jim go through his shirts, also--I will get more yardage!  My shirts, not so much...
1. Cut the body below the design and trim off the hem.
2. Cut strips about 1" apart and just below the top
of the tube.
3. Open up the tube and cut the end at an angle.
4. Repeat the angled cuts--you will have a continuous
strip of fabric.
5. Stretch the strip to lengthen and roll the edges inward.
6. Roll the tarn into balls and knit with large needles!