About Me



I have been busy knitting on two pullover sweaters, a Gansey and a Lett Lopi.  Mary, Kathryn, and I had been talking at length about Ganseys and we decided to knit in the old way using yarn we had in our stashes, the percentage system, and elements of the traditional garments.  Kathryn finished her sweater, Mary is working on the front and back neckline shaping, and I started the underarm gussets and texture stitches.  In the meantime, when I have to stop and make decisions, the Lopi sweater came to the front of the WIP line.  The pattern is Apríl by Berglind Sveinsdóttir and the yarn is Lett Lopi.  I finally made it to the colorwork section at the yoke.  I chose to have longer floats on the back side of the knitting because the catch was showing on the front side because of the purl rows on the sheep bodies.  The floats will lightly felt together with wearing and washing.  It is one of the characteristics of Lopi yarn that I love.  Sadly, the shop where I bought the yarn is closing and the shops carrying Lopi are few and far between.  

Happy little sheep

The Gansey pullover is at a point where I need to make a decision about what texture stitch/es to put on the top section and then the sleeves to the elbows.  This project is inspired by the Gansey sweater in Knitting in the Old Way (1985 edition) by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts.  It is fun to knit with a general plan (sketches, stitch dictionaries, travel photos, measurements, etc).   The split hem is in garter stitch and the "seams" on either side are two purl stitches, which split apart as the underarm gusset is knitted. 

Decisions to make at the underarm gusset.
A couple of weeks ago the plein air painting group was where the Rum and Mississippi Rivers meet at a local park.  I found a shady spot beside a large tree and painted a willow tree trunk.  
A lovely spot and beautiful day to paint en plein air.