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20.04.09 As I'm getting ready for work, I have to organize my knitting for the day. I have three socks going--cotton, yoga, and Harry Potter (Lupin colorway)--and I've got SSS (second sock syndrome). I'm on the gusset of the cotton socks and was going great guns until I realized I'd rather have them fit snugly around my leg and foot. I have skinny ankles and heels. Better to fix now...The yoga socks fit great in the leg, but the instep is too loose for my skinny foot, dang! The other pair with the HP sock yarn is just on the ribbing, so I'm not too concerned with them right now. This is why I don't do socks (except for Baba's Bed Socks) often.
I'm taking a break from the Kilimanjaro. I'm ready to go through my handspun cotton and do something summery. I have to check yardage. I got some great buttons last week and need a little cardi or vest for them. I'm trying to shop my stash rather than allowing the new yarns (cotton/silk, Daylily from Rowan, hand-dyed cotton...drool) tempt me!!! AAAAK! I will start to work on the Bowknot after I get the current WIPs under control. When I'm at the shop and have the opportunity to knit I need NBKs (no brain knits) in progress rather than my usual projects that involve concentration.
22.04.09 Batter up! His fierceness, Herr Kurbis is modeling the latest in headwear for Spring. I made this ball cap for the shop as a sample and it really came out cute! I felted it in the kitchen sink and then decided I need to needle felt the letters so they stand out better. Otherwise, it's a quick project.
A couple of weekends ago we rode down to Minneapolis with the Saturday bike riding group. It was fun and much warmer than the week before! It was a lovely day.


Catch of the Day

Spring is official--I hear a lawn mower! I couldn't resist knitting this hat. The pattern is from Winter 2008 Knitty. Carol knit one for a friend that's at the shop, but it's going to be a gift later, so I asked if I could make one out of shop oddments. Here is the result. It's so much fun to knit, and goes quickly. I thought about Fair Isle for the stripes, but thought since it's going to be in the shop it's best to keep it simple. I like the result.
It's very sunny today and I've been on and off the computer since I
got home. I have to finish some Spring cleaning today. I'm bagging up things for Goodwill and Half Price Books, too.
Time to get to work!


Let the sunshine in!

It's a lovely spring day and I see buds on the maple tree. I decided to take some time and sit outside with some knitting. I didn't change the lens on my camera, so I had to lean way back to get a photo of my project. My feet are in focus! Eevee enjoyed a bit of sun also.
I've gone back to the Kilimanjaro sweater. The pattern instructions were written strangely and it was just a simple matter of the wording. Of course it was easy to fix--too easy! Now I'm on a roll and it should be a quick knit.
Yesterday Jim got me some biking shoes and I'll use the clips on the spinning bike. I've always been a little hesitant to use clips in the past. We'll see.


Baa Bag

Here's the latest shop sample. I ended up having it lined and handles put on by our dear Angel (yes, that's her name). She does an awesome job of lining and putting on finishing touches! I have it with me today so my Mom can see it. I really love the grass green variegated yarn, but the flecked yarn on the upper hill is really nice, there are flecks of blue, red, yellow and white like little flowers. No wonder most of the sheep are grazing up there!
I'm back working on the Kilimanjaro. Silliest thing, I couldn't get the lace to work out. It's all in how it's written. Those asterisks and commas can be tricky if not placed correctly. That's why I LOVE charts!
We have some sun this morning and the temps are supposed to be in the 60s on Sunday! Happy Easter!!


Spring snow and a "spunny"

Yes, it snowed last night. Just yesterday we were on a bike ride (27 miles) at this time looking at the scenery (we saw about 30 deer!) enjoying an almost windless day for the first Saturday ride of the year. We rode along the Mississippi River at the dam and the water was really rushing! I'll have to go back and get some photos. Oh well, I look at it as another day to wear a sweater! In the afternoon my friend, Connie, and I rocked the runway at Christopher and Banks modeling some spring clothes. It was fun and we got discounts on clothes. I bought the Boho skirt I wore with my first outfit. It's pretty and very light. Just to show that it really is spring, I have some tulips (my favorite flowers) from Jim. And now there's a new bunny in town--Häschen! He's not a bunny, he's a spunny--a handspun bunny! The owner of The Mother of All shop up in Hinkley gave me 2 ounces of dark brown batt to play with, so I spun it up for a wooly bunny and ended up with enough for two. I made the second one last night. I'll have to felt it today. I did the needle felting during Friendship Friday. What a sweet spunny! The poor snowmen are still waiting for their faces. You'd think today would be the perfect day to fix that!!


A bit unraveled at the moment...

My lovely sweater was ready to sew together, all was well until I spied a telltale loop on the back of a sleeve--gasp!--a dropped stitch in the sleeve's raglan shaping. I had to frog back my already blocked knitting to the 14thof24rightsiderowraglanshaping!!! Ack! I can hear the knitting faeries giggling and saying, "April Fools!" Little buggers!
Oh well, at least I have the day free until bell practice. It's lightly snowing and cozy in the house. I'll light the fire, have my diet Vernor's and re-knit the sleeve shaping...
I had such a nice day by the fire working on the sweater. It was very quiet and I had some music on. The cocoa tasted extra good on this cold, damp day. Eevee was content to be close to me near the fireplace. I sewed the pieces together, wove in ends, and now I'm working on the band. I even picked up the stitches all the way around and didn't have to frog. Herr Kerbis, Helga, and Tomten are keeping the knitting faeries away from me today! I hope they don't come during bell practice!!