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Spring snow and a "spunny"

Yes, it snowed last night. Just yesterday we were on a bike ride (27 miles) at this time looking at the scenery (we saw about 30 deer!) enjoying an almost windless day for the first Saturday ride of the year. We rode along the Mississippi River at the dam and the water was really rushing! I'll have to go back and get some photos. Oh well, I look at it as another day to wear a sweater! In the afternoon my friend, Connie, and I rocked the runway at Christopher and Banks modeling some spring clothes. It was fun and we got discounts on clothes. I bought the Boho skirt I wore with my first outfit. It's pretty and very light. Just to show that it really is spring, I have some tulips (my favorite flowers) from Jim. And now there's a new bunny in town--Häschen! He's not a bunny, he's a spunny--a handspun bunny! The owner of The Mother of All shop up in Hinkley gave me 2 ounces of dark brown batt to play with, so I spun it up for a wooly bunny and ended up with enough for two. I made the second one last night. I'll have to felt it today. I did the needle felting during Friendship Friday. What a sweet spunny! The poor snowmen are still waiting for their faces. You'd think today would be the perfect day to fix that!!

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Margie said...

Hi Deborah, I missed a few of your posts. The spunny is so cute and I love that name. Well done on finally keeping those knitting faeries at bay. I am glad to hear you had some quality family time in the last few weeks. hugs Margie.