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Baa Bag

Here's the latest shop sample. I ended up having it lined and handles put on by our dear Angel (yes, that's her name). She does an awesome job of lining and putting on finishing touches! I have it with me today so my Mom can see it. I really love the grass green variegated yarn, but the flecked yarn on the upper hill is really nice, there are flecks of blue, red, yellow and white like little flowers. No wonder most of the sheep are grazing up there!
I'm back working on the Kilimanjaro. Silliest thing, I couldn't get the lace to work out. It's all in how it's written. Those asterisks and commas can be tricky if not placed correctly. That's why I LOVE charts!
We have some sun this morning and the temps are supposed to be in the 60s on Sunday! Happy Easter!!


Kathy said...

Sounds like you got the lace to work. Glad to hear it. We're such creatures of habit that it's sometimes hard to see things in a new way. I've sure been in that spot.

Joanne said...

Great baaaag.

Olive Knitting said...

That bag is AWESOME!!!