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20.04.09 As I'm getting ready for work, I have to organize my knitting for the day. I have three socks going--cotton, yoga, and Harry Potter (Lupin colorway)--and I've got SSS (second sock syndrome). I'm on the gusset of the cotton socks and was going great guns until I realized I'd rather have them fit snugly around my leg and foot. I have skinny ankles and heels. Better to fix now...The yoga socks fit great in the leg, but the instep is too loose for my skinny foot, dang! The other pair with the HP sock yarn is just on the ribbing, so I'm not too concerned with them right now. This is why I don't do socks (except for Baba's Bed Socks) often.
I'm taking a break from the Kilimanjaro. I'm ready to go through my handspun cotton and do something summery. I have to check yardage. I got some great buttons last week and need a little cardi or vest for them. I'm trying to shop my stash rather than allowing the new yarns (cotton/silk, Daylily from Rowan, hand-dyed cotton...drool) tempt me!!! AAAAK! I will start to work on the Bowknot after I get the current WIPs under control. When I'm at the shop and have the opportunity to knit I need NBKs (no brain knits) in progress rather than my usual projects that involve concentration.
22.04.09 Batter up! His fierceness, Herr Kurbis is modeling the latest in headwear for Spring. I made this ball cap for the shop as a sample and it really came out cute! I felted it in the kitchen sink and then decided I need to needle felt the letters so they stand out better. Otherwise, it's a quick project.
A couple of weekends ago we rode down to Minneapolis with the Saturday bike riding group. It was fun and much warmer than the week before! It was a lovely day.


Margie said...

Hi Deborah, how have you been? The socks are so nice, I hope you get past the sss, the cycling trip sounded great. Love teh Herr Kurbis ball cap. hugs Margie.

Joanne said...

Herr Kurbis looks wonderful in that hat! Great job. Your bicycle riding sounds like fun. Hmmm, sss, not fun. Can you go down to a smaller needle or just decrease a bit around the ankle?