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A bit unraveled at the moment...

My lovely sweater was ready to sew together, all was well until I spied a telltale loop on the back of a sleeve--gasp!--a dropped stitch in the sleeve's raglan shaping. I had to frog back my already blocked knitting to the 14thof24rightsiderowraglanshaping!!! Ack! I can hear the knitting faeries giggling and saying, "April Fools!" Little buggers!
Oh well, at least I have the day free until bell practice. It's lightly snowing and cozy in the house. I'll light the fire, have my diet Vernor's and re-knit the sleeve shaping...
I had such a nice day by the fire working on the sweater. It was very quiet and I had some music on. The cocoa tasted extra good on this cold, damp day. Eevee was content to be close to me near the fireplace. I sewed the pieces together, wove in ends, and now I'm working on the band. I even picked up the stitches all the way around and didn't have to frog. Herr Kerbis, Helga, and Tomten are keeping the knitting faeries away from me today! I hope they don't come during bell practice!!

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