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FO Friday

Friday, January 30, I finished the Benon Headband today.  I love how it turned out.  Thank you, Hazel T.


Catching up

The last week of January--really?  I am working on catching up on projects and thinking of what is ahead for this year's classes.

The never-ending Kaffe Fasset squares are finished and I will be making two cushions.  It will be easier to display the cushions than the larger bolster.  I love the colors, but just did not enjoy knitting the squares.  I prefer stranded color work or intarsia.
The two pieces are drying and soon will be covering a cushion.
The KAL for Endgame by Michelle Hunter (knitpurlhunter) is finished.  It was rewarding to be able to complete the project within the four weeks.  Working with HiKoo Kenzie is always a pleasure.  I have to take a good photo to send in for the contest ends in February.
Endgame in HiKoo Kenzie, Saddleback.
Last Monday a group from Anoka Fiber Works took a field trip to Black Cat Farmstead in Stockholm, Wisconsin.  It was a lovely drive through the snow covered landscape, which reminded me of the hills of southern Ohio. There were fish houses scattered on Lake Pepin.  When we arrived, Rollo and Andrea greeted us and we walked from the house to the studio.  Andrea's studio is a small, two story house that once occupied a spot on the farm of author Laura Ingalls Wilder's grandparents.  The farm is nearby and after Andrea purchased the house, she had it moved to her farm.  The basement houses a large loom and a cheese-curing room.  The main floor has a wood-burning stove and there are baskets of natural and dyed roving, finished yarn, and silk hankies.  Andrea rescues spinning wheels and they dot the nooks and crannies of the back room.  Upstairs there are two large looms and some of her wheels.  We sat up there and enjoyed some of her homemade goat cheese with crackers and nice hot coffee.

We went outside to visit the sheep and the horses.  the Icelandic wool had a nice sheen in the late afternoon sun and there was a particularly cute dark Shetland lamb.

It was a great day and good to get out and about with fiber-loving friends.
Rollo leads the way to the studio.

Andrea and Rollo
Always a good sign!

Spindles and other fiber goodies.
Rollo helps Andrea get the stove going.
The layers of paint tell a story inside the house.
Bight colors on a cold winter day.
Lovely fiber everywhere!
The basket of roving by the window was hard to resist.  The stairs lead to the...
...studio!  The upstairs is newly renovated.  
On the other side is a cozy spot with lots of light and the perfect place to work and chat.
A dream wheel.
Downstairs is for drying. 
Of course no trip is complete without sheep encounters.  Icelandic and Shetland sheep, my favorites.
Over the weekend was the bi-monthly Spin In at Anoka Fiber Works.  There was a good crowd and the bunnies were there, too!  I brought my Moosie and the roving I got in Stockholm.  I like the way the singles plied together in the bottom photo.  
Mary's center pull ball exploded while she was plying.
Dawn snuggles one of the visiting bunnies.
The bunnies were friendly and so sweet.
The fiber matches the hair!
Whatever I make with this yarn will be called Rollo.


Fixing a cable

A zig instead of zag on a cable on the back of Tulgey Wood, my Custom Fit sweater (Acorn Trail, by Amy Herzog)...darn!  Rather than frog and rework four full rows there is a better way to fix the pesky cable.  I worked to the section with the cable section, and undid four rows of the cable.  Notice that I kept the two purl stitches intact and fixed only the cable.  I did not think to take photos until after I undid the cable, hence no photo of the mistake.  It was a bit awkward to take photos with my phone.  

The four rows of yarn lined up.  The correction will be started from the bottom strand to the top strand.  It is easier for me to fix on the right side of the knitting.   
Corrected cable on the right side.
Knitting on the right side with the next to last strand.
Purling with the last strand.
Back on track!


Knit knit knit

The seemingly endless squares are getting finished.  I am over halfway there!  The colors are just beautiful together.

The other project is the fingering weight cardigan, Greta.  Just about an inch and a half left until I can join for the yoke.  This is my third sweater in lightweight yarn.  Being a solid color  it seems to take forever, but I see light at the end of the tunnel.  It will be a classic cardigan and the Rowan Finest yarn is just beautiful.

The third project is Endgame by Michelle Hunter, the Knit Purl Hunter, and is a KAL.  I especially like that the pattern called for HiKoo Kenzie, one of my favorite yarns.  I chose one of the new colors, Saddleback.  It is a pinkish tan with yellow flecks.   Clue 1 is finished and clue 2 will be released on Thursday.