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Fixing a cable

A zig instead of zag on a cable on the back of Tulgey Wood, my Custom Fit sweater (Acorn Trail, by Amy Herzog)...darn!  Rather than frog and rework four full rows there is a better way to fix the pesky cable.  I worked to the section with the cable section, and undid four rows of the cable.  Notice that I kept the two purl stitches intact and fixed only the cable.  I did not think to take photos until after I undid the cable, hence no photo of the mistake.  It was a bit awkward to take photos with my phone.  

The four rows of yarn lined up.  The correction will be started from the bottom strand to the top strand.  It is easier for me to fix on the right side of the knitting.   
Corrected cable on the right side.
Knitting on the right side with the next to last strand.
Purling with the last strand.
Back on track!

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