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The Great Minnesota Get-Together...

Cheese curds, spinning wheels, and sculptures.
It's that time of year again! We went to the State Fair on Friday. It was a lovely day, nice and cool. Of course, the first order of business was to get some cheese curds. Governor Pawlenty was in line ahead of us! Pretty cool!
I thought this was the best photo op of the day! I took it when we were waiting in line at WCCO.
We walked around a bit and then got a milkshake outside the cattle barn--moo. Then it was time to go to the WCCO area and help power up the battery for the broadcast with We Power. It was fun, Jim and Ben got in and out fairly quickly. I took a bit longer, but also got my t-shirt! The fellas went on one side to have a photo taken with the weather guy and I was on the other side getting my free bag with coupons. The last thing I remember was putting my shirt in the bag, and then someone shaking my shoulder asking me if I was okay. I'd passed out! Good grief...I wasn't upset, it just seemed like I was waking up from a nap. I got to ride in an ambulance and got checked out at the medical station. It was funny because as I walked in with the EMTs, someone in charge asked which one was the patient and one of the EMTs said, "The one with the big smile." Apparently I was dehydrated and wasn't drinking enough water while cycling., probably eating cheese curds and the milkshake didn't help either. Anyway, after about an hour or so I felt fine and we walked around some more and enjoyed the rest of our day. I even had some coffee gelato and a Chicago dog. We really enjoyed the day--even with the side trip to the fair's medical facility.(Jim and I are sitting and waiting for the ambulance.) Never a dull moment!


An award with a little challenge...

The Premio Meme Award...Margie awarded me with this fun award, and it is sharing seven facts about yourself and passing it on to seven others. I loved the way she presented her seven facts. Very insightful! I had fun with it.

Okay, I have to pass this along and I choose these fine folks: Rebekah, Joanne, and Kathy. I have to come up with four more, but it's a start!

Now, on with knitting...I'm whipping up a little jacket from Vogue Knitting Fall 2009's issue. It's been fun and quick to knit. I'm picking up for the collar right now and will have that ready when I go to the coffee shop before class today. I've been chatting with the designer through Ravelry and she's very nice. I'm anxious to share the finished project.
I had the brown yarn and the skein of oatmeal in my stash. I started out with 9 skeins and only used 3! I like the yarn (one can't go wrong with Rowan) and the Lamb's Pride is perfect with it.

Seven Facts About Myself

The Premio Meme Award...Margie awarded me with this fun award, and it is sharing seven facts about yourself and passing it on to seven others. I loved the way she presented her seven facts. Very insightful!
Now it's my turn (in no particular order):

1. I've known my husband since I was seven.

2. I love to knit and spin.

3. A cup of cocoa by the fire is nice.

4. I am an artist and photographer.

5. Autumn is my favorite season.

6. Collies are my favorite dogs.

7. My masterpiece is my son, Ben.


Who? Hoot!

I finally finished the Owl pullover. It really turned out nicely and I loved using the Eco Wool. It comes in a huge 8.75 ounce hank (478 yards per hank) and I used a total of 12.5 ounces. Not too bad for a pullover! It's up at the shop right now and I'll get it back once the weather gets cooler. I'm anxious to wear it. Now I have 5 ounces left...what to do...what to do...hoot...hoot...hoot...
Please note: My notes on this project appear on my Ravelry project page. My sweater is called Who, me?.


Still here!

I'm finally back to posting! July went by in a flash and now the summer is winding down for us. We celebrated our 33rd anniversary with pizza. Buca's is a fun restaurant! Jim always brings me flowers--and not just for our anniversary!
We've enjoyed Ben's visits home every week. He brought one of his staff buddies back. Scott came over, they played Halo and now went to the dam to play Frisbee. I made cookies (Ben liked the added coconut), and most will go back to camp. I'm hoping the t-shirts are finished soon so I can run them up to camp and the guys will have them for the last Outpost.
The shed is finally moved out by the fence and we have a patio! It makes the back of the house look bigger. Jim had quite the job of replacing siding, which turned into replacing insulation because of those pesky "mini-bears" (a Boy Scout term for chipmunks). Jim set a cage in the garage and captured the little bugger that's lived in the gar
age. Of course I fed it (feeling only slightly bad about it being in a cage).
Anyway, Jim will power wash the house and then we'll have it painted. I chose White Truffle for the house and Dutch Chocolate for the trim--how could I go wrong with those colors?
My brother and niece came to visit Mom and stayed with us. Ben just happened to be home, so he got to see them. Jim and I celebrated our anniversary with pizza at a very fun restaurant.
We're still planning a trip this fall.
On the knitting front...I'm making progress on the Owls pullover. I decided to make a bigger size and put in all the shaping. I think it will fit and that way when someone else knits it, I can answer questions! The ECO Wool is wonderful
to work with, and the natural colors are classic. I got the darker brown. Naturally, I've frogged back and started over. The yarn holds up well to frogging. That's always a plus. The Bowknot is on display at the shop. I confess my weakness for yarn has shown itself in my purchase of some sale yarn--Manos. I loved working with that yarn. I have 6 hanks of red, 1 gold, and 1 black. I know what I want to make, I just need to decide the Fair Isle design I want to add. Also, I took back an extra skein of white yarn and 4 skeins from the felted bag. They'd put some lovely Naturally Tussock tweed yarn on sale, so I snatched up all 6 of them. The buttons I bought at Treadle will go nicely.
On a sad note--on our anniversary, one of my knitting students was tragically killed. I went to the church for Kim's visitation and I've never seen so many flowers at a funeral before. The family had a display of photos, quilts, and her knitting projects. The family was so gracious and truly show the power of forgiveness. It was so wonderful to see the knitting and remember her making most of them in class. She was a sweet lady and will be missed. What a legacy she leaves behind with her family.
Margie, I'm working on my 7!!