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The Great Minnesota Get-Together...

Cheese curds, spinning wheels, and sculptures.
It's that time of year again! We went to the State Fair on Friday. It was a lovely day, nice and cool. Of course, the first order of business was to get some cheese curds. Governor Pawlenty was in line ahead of us! Pretty cool!
I thought this was the best photo op of the day! I took it when we were waiting in line at WCCO.
We walked around a bit and then got a milkshake outside the cattle barn--moo. Then it was time to go to the WCCO area and help power up the battery for the broadcast with We Power. It was fun, Jim and Ben got in and out fairly quickly. I took a bit longer, but also got my t-shirt! The fellas went on one side to have a photo taken with the weather guy and I was on the other side getting my free bag with coupons. The last thing I remember was putting my shirt in the bag, and then someone shaking my shoulder asking me if I was okay. I'd passed out! Good grief...I wasn't upset, it just seemed like I was waking up from a nap. I got to ride in an ambulance and got checked out at the medical station. It was funny because as I walked in with the EMTs, someone in charge asked which one was the patient and one of the EMTs said, "The one with the big smile." Apparently I was dehydrated and wasn't drinking enough water while cycling., probably eating cheese curds and the milkshake didn't help either. Anyway, after about an hour or so I felt fine and we walked around some more and enjoyed the rest of our day. I even had some coffee gelato and a Chicago dog. We really enjoyed the day--even with the side trip to the fair's medical facility.(Jim and I are sitting and waiting for the ambulance.) Never a dull moment!


Rachel said...

Wow! What a day for you! LOVE the pictures! YOU had a beautiful week-end to visit the Fair!

Kathy said...

You got the vapors! I'm glad to hear that you're okay. You know you're becoming a true MN when you get back up and keep eating!

Let's get these boys back to college and share a cup of coffee soon.

Margie said...

Hi Deborah, what a day out you had, in every sense of the word, it is so easy to get dehydrated, well done on getting back to the task at hand. You look well looked after in the last photo. Thank you for visiting Margie's Crafts and leaving your lovely comment, I love to read your comments and appreciate the time you take to visit. Keep drinking the water! Hugs, Margie.

Joanne said...

Good Grief, glad you are OK. Sounds like you had a wonderful day and the experience of a lifetime, riding in an ambulance.