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Friedrich is ready for the trip to college!

I love this time of year. Autumn is approaching, school supplies in the stores, etc. We've had a lovely summer with some really nice weather, which helped! Oh, I can't forget...the Ohio State Buckeyes are playing today. I have my new flag flying! Go Bucks!
Ben is back at college. We drove him over on Tuesday and came back Wednesday. It was great to move him in early before the rush and before his roommate! He's on the orientation team for incoming Freshmen and on student government this year. Swim practice begins earlier this year.
I got quite a bit accomplished this summer with sweaters! The latest is the Fair Isle collared jacket. Also, I decided to frog the single socks I have going and use the yarn for other projects like hats and scarves instead of socks. I'm just not feeling the love for knitting socks on toothpicks. I still love to knit the bed socks--much faster and mindless for me.
I'm recycling one of my sweaters--the Amherst. It's cotton, and was getting a bit droopy. I'm knitting from the knitted pieces. It's like Flat Feet for sweaters!
We have a long weekend and I believe we're just going to relax and enjoy it. Jim's on a time-trial bike ride today. I'm doing laundry and surveying the mess in my office. It's more paper work (not my favorite thing) that I have to file for my mother, but can't shred--yet (love the shredder!).The flowers on campus are lovely this year.


Rachel said...

Flowers and fair isle collars...what more could a knitter want?

Best wishes to Friedrich--here's to a GREAT year at college.

Margie said...

Hi Deborah, those flowers look fabulous. I really liked the fairisle collar. I hope you did enjoy your long weekend. I love Autumn, it is such a natural time for crafting and getting things ready for cooler days and Christmas gifts. Hugs, Margie.

Joanne said...

Glad that you moved Ben safely back to school. Those flowers ARE gorgeous. You have me laughing about your Flat Feet for Sweaters knitting project. I have a sweater that I should do that too. Great name.