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Knitting and tickets

It's been some time since I posted photos of my knitting! I'm now finished re-knitting the Amherst. The smaller size will fit better. I missed wearing the sweater over the summer! Knitting from the pieces saved time. I haven't picked up the Harry Potter sock yarn hat for some time. I found three more skeins of the brown Rowan yarn I used for the Fair Isle Collar Jacket, so now I have enough to make an easy pullover. The Lands' End yarn came in the mail for the Warm Woolies sweaters. I ended up with a cone of blue and a cone of black. The yarn reminds me of my least favorite yarn, Lion Brand Microspun, but it's for a good cause and good, warm sweaters for kids are always welcome!
The photo is of our patrol totem. It represents a bear, the course number C-08-09, Phyllis (our patrol guide), Stearns, Wood Badge, five members of our patrol (two in Boy Scouts and three in Cub Scouts), and our last names--SHWAC. John came up with the design and I tweaked it on the computer. I'm embellishing our flag right now and will post a photo when I'm finished. Wood Badge has kept me busy. My short articles are finished for the Gilwell Gazette, and sent to our Scribe. Our patrol totem is done and I tweaked the design on the computer and sent it to our Patrol Guide. I have my five ticket ideas and now I have to fill out the work sheets for each ticket with my vision/plan of action, who, what, when, where, why, how, and how verified. After the second weekend in October, I will have 18 months to complete all five tickets. Our patrol is meeting on Thursday to finalize our group project for presentation in October. We have less time between weekends because of Labor Day being late this year, and we live very far apart. Thankfully we have the idea in place and work well together! Eighteen months seems like a long time, but I know all too well how fast time flies! Tempus fugit...

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Margie said...

Hi Deborah, looks like October is going to be a busy month for you. Good luck with the ticket ideas and the flag. Hugs, Margie.