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Second weekend, second KAL, and the first snow

Photos from camp: Patrol flags and staff hiking sticks outside Gilwell Hall, Big Agnes and the Gnomes, the Bear Patrol with our Patrol Guide (Phyllis in red) and our birdhouse, and a welcome home from Jim.

I'm glad we had our second course weekend camp out last weekend. We had our first snowfall last night. Speaking of the course (Wood Badge), it was an awesome experience! The patrol project presentations were very diverse and I think we all did our best. The projects will now go to the University of Scouting later this month. I won't be able to attend classes because we'll be on vacation in IRELAND!! I'm so excited. Jim and I went there years ago and fell in love with the country and it's people. We'll be renting a cottage for a week on the western side of the country for a long-awaited, much-needed holiday.

I decorated the house for Halloween. It's fun to have all the decorations out. I put some candles in the fireplace and lit them last night. It looked pretty. Herr Kurbis is in all his glory sitting with the Scarecrow in Ben's little red rocking chair by the hutch. He'll probably accompany me to class tomorrow.

The mystery KAL is going well. I don't really know why I'm making another bag, but it's nice to knit along with others and I'll have another knitting bag. I'd forgotten that I made felted pumpkins last year. They need leaves and curly-cues this year. The first Warm Woolies sweater is coming along. I want to use up all that yarn so I can get some serious sock knitting done for Christmas. I've had requests for bed socks.

I think it's a good day to wear St. Brigid for walkies today! It's cold! I wore my owl sweater to work and it was very comfy.


Margie said...

Hi Deborah, I am so glad you are getting the trip to Ireland, it has been chilly here in the mornings but not cold enough for snow. It was two degrees for an hour or two at dawn, but you will not get that by the ocean. Your Halloween decorations look so nice, don't forget to pack your needles for the trip. I still have no computer so begging time on friends and at lunch in work. Hugs, Margie.

Joanne said...

Ireland! Wow, I am sooo excited for you. I hope you find lots of great yarn to purchase. Have a wonderful time.