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Wheel checkups

On Friday I stopped in the shop along with wheels Louie, Wendolene and Hortense to get their check-up from Dave Van Stralen of Louët North America. Dave and his wife, Pam, brought along yarn, projects, fiber, wheels and looms for a trunk show.  I tried out the new art yarn flier attachment for the Victoria.  What is very exciting about the attachment is the mother-of-all is sized so the fliers and bobbins from my other wheels will fit Hortense, also.  I would not need to buy the flier and bobbin.  I have plenty of bobbins!  The two girls were in good shape and Dave tweaked here and there to keep them in good running condition.  Louie needed a new bearing, the ball bearing used in the main bolt assembly and at the footman bolt assembly.  His brake band was very worn and so a nice new one was added.  The old strap was immediately claimed by puppy, Ellie, for a chew toy.  Moving the old bearing between my fingers I could feel the grinding, which I did not notice as I spun.  With the new bearing in place I can really feel the difference with smoother treadling.  Dave even put a couple of new white tips on Louie's lazy Kate to make him look spiffy.

Strapped in and ready to go.
Testing out the art yarn flier.  

Ellie with her new chew toy.

Wendolene gets tweaked for a little squeak on the left treadle.  It was a twist in the connector, which was easy to fix.

Adjusting the back post of Hortense for better  posture.  

Happy wheels = happy spinner!