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Busy hands

My hands have been very busy lately.  Over the weekend I chopped pounds and pounds of vegetables, fruit, and bread for Wood Badge weekend one.  We had nice weather until Sunday.  The heat index ended up at 105 degrees, which made cooking in the small kitchen difficult.  We Quartermasters managed and everyone was well-fed three meals a day for the long weekend.
Pat practices her lines to welcome participants to the dining hall.

Carl washed more dishes than anyone I have known, made sure the
coffee was brewed first thing in the morning, and the snacks were ready.

This is twenty pounds of red potatoes ready for German potato salad.

Being a Quartermaster is hard work, but there is a time for silliness and fun.  

Since coming home, I have been busy knitting samples for the shop event on Thursday.  The latest project is Circlet, which is an adorable little crown.  It is sized for babies to adults and a quick project to make.  I used the leftover yarn from some booties.  Humpty looks dapper and until I take it to work, he can wear it.  An adult size is currently in progress.

The laundry is finished and Busy Bee will be back in the kitchen again and I will be teaching new classes in September.
Pat had chef's hats and aprons made for us.  We picked our nicknames.  


Wrapping up summer

Even though summer has not ended, I am getting ready for autumn.  The next couple of weeks will be very busy, as Wood Badge is approaching and the Quartermasters will be cooking up some good food and entertainment for the participants.
My schedule is in the works for September through March and now I can look forward to April through August 2014.  For now I am working on shop samples.  The big project is the Pine Bough Cowl, which will be a 72-inch loop of stranded goodness in Kenzie by Hikoo.  The yarn is beautiful and even though the color palette is limited, the colors available are gorgeous. The original combo of blue and kiwi is perfect for the sample.

The cowl will be on the needles for a bit--right now it seems endless.  for instant gratification I whipped up a hat from Berroco called Fane.  It is a free pattern and worked in Boboli Lace, which is really sport weight yarn.  Despite the fine yarn and small needles, I had this finished in a couple of evenings.  This is a perfect small project for a new knitter--knit flat, seamed, stockinette stitch/garter stitch pattern, and ribbing.  Practice those new skills!

13.08.13  Wood Badge is on my mind today.  The QM staff got together over the weekend to begin preparing and organizing some of the things we can do ahead of the course.  Work weekend is approaching and will be a busy time for us to get the kitchen set up.  I am looking forward to course--the clock is ticking down!  We met the participants the end of July at orientation.  The staff development and team-building started in January seems like yesterday.  
Speaking of Wood Badge and being of the Bear Patrol--One of the participants is a Scout friend and talented beading artist.  I ordered a bear necklace and Iona had it ready for me the end of the Round Table year in June.  It is a special piece and one I treasure.