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Zauberball Baktus scarf

Having a bit of fun making this scarf. I had some birthday money and splurged on some sock yarn. Since I'm not overly fond of knitting socks, I'm finding great patterns to show off the loveliness of the yarn. The pattern is one I found on Ravelry and is free from a blog. I'm weighing the yarn as I knit because when I've increased using half the weight, I decrease using up the rest of the yarn. The wool is light, soft, and will be a nice addition to my accessories. Besides, it's easy and fun to make.
I'll be starting bed socks, soon. I've got requests from family. When we visit Ben, I know I'll get at least two pair finished!
There's still some snow on the ground, but I can see the sun and it won't last long. I'm glad it's dry so I can take Mom out for our weekly lunch outing.

Pine needles on the walkway.


Kathy said...

Finally stopped by (virtually, anyway) to see what you're up to, and it looks like you've been busy.

And you're definitely going to Ireland! Awesome!

We'll have to catch up soon.

Joanne said...

I like that scarf. I found it in your projects in Ravelry and have it downloaded. I am also working on my version of a Shape It Scarf by Sally Melville. I loved the ones you made from that pattern too.