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C-08-09 Bear Patrol
Mike, me, Naveen, John, and Gerald
Wow, what a wild ride over the last weekend! I spent last weekend up at the Scout camp for Wood Badge (BSA adult leadership training). It's a very intensive course for team-building and leadership training. Of course, I was extremely happy to be in the Bear patrol, as Jim is also a Bear! Our patrol's Patrol Guide is Phyllis (she's involved with Grey Wolf--the equivalent training program for Scouts). Our patrol consists of five--three of which are in Cub Scouts and two in Boy Scouts. The other photos are from the soda-pop rocket launch. Each patrol made their rocket and we had a launch on top of the hill. Ours is the very tall red one. It was general craziness and fun. The staff was dressed in costumes and music was playing, everyone had a great time with it.
My birthday was on Saturday. It was a lovely day, although a little warm. We rode our bikes with the Lifetime group to Stillwater. We loaded the bikes at Lifetime, drove a few miles from the town and rode in. We saw a group at one of our stops and it turned out to be John (from my patrol) with scouts and adults from his troop doing a trail clean up. It was great to see them out and about doing their good deed! We got to town early and the ice cream place wasn't open, so Jim rode ahead and found a great place called the Bikery. Wow, a bike shop/bakery! The coffee, cocoa, and scones were so good. If we had not been biking, I'd have tried a piece of that really good-looking chocolate cake!
Later Jim took me out to a late lunch and then we came home for cake. Ben called, which was an extra-special treat.

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Joanne said...

Looks like you had fun at your training camp. Glad you had a wonderful birthday!