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Seven Facts About Myself

The Premio Meme Award...Margie awarded me with this fun award, and it is sharing seven facts about yourself and passing it on to seven others. I loved the way she presented her seven facts. Very insightful!
Now it's my turn (in no particular order):

1. I've known my husband since I was seven.

2. I love to knit and spin.

3. A cup of cocoa by the fire is nice.

4. I am an artist and photographer.

5. Autumn is my favorite season.

6. Collies are my favorite dogs.

7. My masterpiece is my son, Ben.


Margie said...

Deborah, your seven facts are great, love all the new insights into who you are, your drawings are fabulous, the one of Ben is so cute as is the photo of you as a child. I loved the one of you by the fire with the cocoa when you first posted it and still think it is pure bliss, my idea of relaxation (only I would tea instead).Thank you for participating. Good luck with those porch cushions (I had the fabric for over a year...more like two, as Leiny pointed out to me this evening). Hugs Margie.

Joanne said...

Those are wonderful! I love your photos/pictures, that go with each one. I love your little girl picture. :)