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Weaving in ends...

I wish!  No, I am just getting things finished--such as:  sample sweater, website, painting new office, UFOs and WIPs, Goodwill, Half-Price Books, and the list goes on...

Secret Garden Cardigan: If I with the body and sleeves done, the colorwork will be my reward.  I am leaving the steeks and bands to be finished by someone else.
Tangled:  The steeks have had plenty of time to heal and now it is the moment to pick up the stitches and knit the bands.

Kili(aaaahhhh!)manjaro:  Just finish already!  The knitting was easy, but the decreases over the offset lace pattern caused headaches (so to speak).  Very annoying.  

Future work:  rewrite patterns to  sell on Ravelry, pick up Eala Bhan and continue knitting, get going on the Master Handknitter Level II, and start my handspun Bláithín.  Between these projects I can work on samples for the shop and upcoming classes.  That is a full plate for the next few months, which must include my Scouting events.  

This week between classes I managed two trips to the MIA to see the Terracotta Warrior exhibit.  It was amazing!  Sadly, I couldn't take any photos or sketch, but I managed to take notes.  On the second visit I purchased the catalogue and it is chock full of information and lovely photos with details!  As always, I paid my respects to Hortense and wandered around looking closely at the tapestries and textiles.  My goal is to take time to visit at least once a month.  It's refreshing to wander around all the wonders of the museum.

After the wild and woolly weekend up in the north country, I am back to working on catching up.  I managed a quick and easy project with Malabrigo Rasta and size 35 knitting needles.  The herringbone stitch is fun and I love the way the stitch shows off the hand-dyed colors of the yarn.

One skein of Rasta + BIG needles + fun stitch = neck warmer!
...and don't forget the great buttons!
Another project finished is the cap pattern I submitted to Cascade Yarns for their new book 60 Patterns from America's Yarn Shops.  I used the Stitch and Pitch hat pattern I wrote for Comfort when I worked at AAY.  This time I made the hat in a child and adult size, improved the topper, and improved the pattern instructions.  I have my fingers and toes crossed that it will make the book.  That would be a HUGE boost for me!  

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Margie said...

Great work Deborah, love the new wools, especially the Blaitin x m ❤