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Colors of Autumn

I've been having fun with the new camera. I like having the flexibility of the SLR and I don't have to worry about film! I can edit as I go!
I'm preparing the pieces/parts for the drop spindles. The class is on November 22nd. Each student will assemble their spindle and with 4 oz. of dyed roving they'll be able to make a small project. I made a cap with 4 oz. when we moved here before I got my wheel back.
The leaves have been pretty this year. Here are some photos. I've been picking up leaves on my walks with Eevee and I think there are some lovely color combinations for future projects!


Kathy said...

Way to stimulate the economy! You look like you're getting in the fall-ish mood. We might get out to an apple orchard this weekend and spend a little ourselves on a few bags of over-priced apples for some autumn atmosphere of our own.

Joanne said...

Ohhhh, thank you for the pictures of fall colors! You remember how I miss those? We still have green leaves on our trees and I have a garden growing.