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I'm wrestling and vaulting all over, even threw in the sock put for a change. I got the call from the shop today. My yarn (18 skeins of Rowan Scottish Tweed DK) for St. Brigid came in and the Rowan 30th Anniversary Knitting and Crochet Magazine #44. The yarn is gorgeous and reminds me of the Skye tweed I used for the Clock Vest. It's got such lovely color, and I think the shop may order some to stock. It's light and soft (for tweed) and the color flecks really add depth and interest to the color. I chose Peat for my project. I'll probably swatch it soon just to see, but I want to work/finish my Ravelympic projects first. We'll see how long I can hold out--NOT!

Anyway, the cover sweater caught my eye--Raphael. Not so much the main color, but the shape and embellishment. It seems as though Rowan is returning to it's roots--classic, classy designs. It's nice to see finer yarns for the detail and color work. These are like little works of art and are part of the reason I fell in love all over again with knitting in the mid-80s. Designers like Kaffe Fassett, Sasha Kagan, Sarah Dallas, etc. Done gushing.


Kathy said...

Ooohh, purty! Now I'm getting excited to get to our September knitting. Let the cables begin.

I've only seen the new Rowan book online. Bring it to coffee some day?

Deborah said...

Oh, yes. It's a must-see! Now that you mention it, is there any time before the boys leave?

Joanne said...

Your yarn is wonderful. I saw and felt some of the Rowan DK in Austin when I visited. Wonderful stuff. I like that sweater on the cover too. Is the design knitted in or embroidered onto the sweater? I cannot tell. Hmmmmm.

Deborah said...

The design is chain stitched on the yoke of the sweater. It's just pretty and I like that type of fit these days.