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Pictured are two more sweaters in my wardrobe. I've been looking at red too long! I think I need to redo the cable photo--it's wonky. The one on the right I knitted with Fox Fiber. I changed the pattern from lace just at the chest to an all-over lace pattern. I love to wear this all year round.
Now's the time to find out if all my training will pay off. Midnight tonight is the deadline to tag projects for the Ravelympics. I found my Kori swatches on page 2 of the Vest Vault. I didn't find the Lopi cardigan in WIP Wrestling. There are 500 pages of those. I may add the cotton cardigan to that list, too. It'll force me to finish. THEN I'll be ready for St. B. I'm now on the left front of the cardigan--not enjoying switching skeins, but the end result will be worth the hassle.

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