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I finally had the opportunity to photograph some sweaters. I want my photos to be more consistent, so I set up my little studio on the three seasons porch complete with a white background and natural light. Here are some of the
lts--I posted three yesterday. The capelet is Brown Sheep worsted and the pattern is from Wrap Style. The vest is my handspun and original design. I think they look rather good. (And yes, I know the cable in front on the right is incorrect--nobody's perfect--by the time I was done there was NO way I was frogging back over 300 stitches per row to fix it.)


Joanne said...

I remember when you made that vest! How you sat and separated the colors in the roving, so you could make this. It is a wonderful design. The cape is gorgeous. Don't tell anyone about the cable, they won't notice it. I didn't. :)

Deborah said...

Thanks for the nice comments! I still think the watermelon was by best handspun. I remember everyone couldn't believe I split the roving. Wanda got a kick out of me bringing in the watermelon seed to match the wool.