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Tick-tock, switch-swatch

Now I have the back done on the vest! I have a project swatched for the Ravelympics and it'll be mindless enough when I watch swimming. It's the Kori vest from Berroco booklet #268, Something About Stripes. The shop had two bags of Noro Kureyon on sale, soooo I got 8 skeins. First, I found the corrections on Berroco's website. The squares are fun to knit and will be portable. The colors in the skein looked garish in spots, but knitted up they are really pretty--just like the gardens on the Bodensee.
Yesterday was such a nice day I sat on the deck in the shade and knitted before Jim came home. Eevee joined me. The photos came out nice and the sky with the pristine white clouds was lovely. If it's still nice this afternoon, I'll have to fix a little pot of tea and do the same while I work on the vest. It should go smoothly since the back is finished--one cable panel per side!
As you can see, the German Club t-shirt design is different. I think the
Ampelmanner are a perfect touch.

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Kathy said...

Wow, you're being so productive! I'm impressed. I like the way the squares are knitting up. And look who's getting into Ravelry!!

The rest of the vest should be a breeze. You've go the hardest part finished.