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Life is good!

It's warm and sunny, so I thought I'd take trip back to the Bodensee. MiniD was very warm and needed a rest in one of the gardens on the island. Yes, the water is really that color and it's amazing to feel as though you're on the Mediterranean rather than bordered by Germany, Switzerland, and Austria!
I took some time on the Promenade at a colorful cafe (the
umbrellas were bright yellow and there were flags of various colors waving in the breeze) to lunch on ice cream, people watch, and knit. Life is good! The Noro sock yarn is nice, not as crunchy once it's worked. Carol blocked her top and the yarn softened nicely.
The gardens on the island were amazing. The photos I took are lovely, but no photo can truly do their beauty justice. This would be the perfect spot to paint! The trees were huge. I'd never seen such large tulip trees! This spot must be beautiful in the fall. Ben and his buddies walked over the bridge into Switzerland. I admit I tried to stay in the shade as much as possible because the sun was brutal.
I'm going to my happy place now, auf wiedersehen...

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