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European vacation

We managed to make it back yesterday. Once we were on our way, I was ready to return. Iceland Air is nice, we had personal touch screens (fun to play with!). The only things missing on the stereophonic screaming baby flight were the pigs and chickens wandering the aisle adding a continental air to the flight. There was quite the traffic jam for the bathrooms for six hours from Iceland to Minnesota. Apparently I slept through some turbulence--I must've been really tired. Now I have random sensations of slow banking turns, which feel as though I'm still on the plane (minus the screaming babies). Little Johann did leave us a parting gift--a bit of a foul stench to walk through as we de-boarded the plane. It cleared pretty quickly after that! Thanks, Johann.
I finished the Amherst, but didn't get the buttons on. It was so hot I couldn't stand to have it on my lap. One Noro sock is done and the second one is started. The weather is gorgeous here, so I can sew the buttons on and wear the sweater this week.
Photos to be posted soon!

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Joanne said...

Welcome Home! Glad to have you back on this side of the pond.