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Tschüss! Auf Wiedersehen! Good bye!

Today is the big day. I've been packed for a day or so...I went through the bag and eliminated/added stuff. As of last night it weighed 31lbs. Not bad! I have plenty of room in the backpack for my knitting and Jim's camera. His old Nikon is lighter and a bit smaller than my old standby Rollei SL35M. (We've been through a lot together!) The only things I need are a small sketchbook, pencils, and an eraser. I wish I had the luxury of time again to take the art box and my oil paints along, but alas, that's not to be. I had a last-minute addition; MiniD is going along as my companion.
Time's ticking away, so I bid adieu to you and you and you!


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Kathy said...

Have a great trip! When we're all back home, we'll swap stories over java.